National foot first to solve the problem of Zhang Yuning is still waiting for the investigation of

Orangemen offensive problems remain to be solved first Zhang Yuning Lippi visits Lippi in full training for the reporter Bai Guohua Kunming reported that Gao Hongbo led the national team for the 12 season, the first two against South Korea in Iran and a draw, outside a lot of praise; however, after two games against Syria and Uzbekistan, two battles ink, outside the bad reviews Gao Hongbo, also sadly class. The contrast is so big, an important reason is that Chinese attacks a big problem, three consecutive games without scoring, especially with Syria and Uzbekistan two games, China team demonstrated the attack ability, can only be used to describe Lippi took over the country too horrible to look at, to, the first problem faced is how to to improve the national team’s offensive. This is not to say that the defense team is not important, but Lippi called from the national team personnel is not difficult to see, in the defense, his grasp of more, want to change the place is not much, very simple, he will Hengda players for the team, since the formation of their defensive line. Seven players selected in the Hengda, Li Xuepeng, Zhang Linpeng, Mei fang and Feng Xiaoting are back, this four people can put out a complete defense, of course, is to consider the state of Li Xuepeng, after Li Xuepeng injured a lot this year, which affected his state, but in the left back the position, as well as from Guangzhou R & F Jiang Zhipeng, his ability to assist is currently the strongest domestic left back in. In the afternoon of the 4 day of training, the team completed the grab ring after practice, Lippi personally to the players were awarded "yellow vest", the number is 10. According to the understanding of the 10, the first batch of players to get the yellow vest, is the team to practice in the subsequent confrontation, is the focus of the object. There are also outside that, these people (Jiang Zhipeng, Wu Lei, Zhang Xizhe, Zheng Zhi, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on), and he will be the main force in the battle of the card in the middle of the war in the war, the Chinese people’s Republic of China, and so on, and the 10 people (Zhang Linpeng, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, the. Of course, only a vest will determine the main Lippi distribution for "evidence" is clearly not enough, however, the defensive stability, with Zheng Zhi as a midfielder series the role is very clear, so the rest of the staff what combination, it is during this time of training, Lippi to solve the problem. From the formation that Lippi take the four defenders not what suspense, but in the four defenders, Lippi emphasized the two full backs, when he coached the rival, often encourages the Secretary Zhang Linpeng to right back in a bold attack. 442, 433, or super popular in the 4231? All possible. When the coach Lippi Hengda, because of the outstanding team, so in the attack, he forced the group to cooperate, which requires the midfield and attack players have a relatively strong ball control and coordination ability, and like Zhang Xizhe, Wu Lei and Wu Xi are such technical characteristics of "non rival players". In addition, there is a variable, Zhang Yuning has not yet returned to the team. The striker, to show their own characteristics in the national team before the game, he is a back ball player and his ability, this characteristic, in this country.相关的主题文章: