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Neijiang man as "Red Net" selling roasted rabbit live drink chili oil into the hospital (Figure). Then diarrhea, sore throat, diagnosed tonsil inflammation and abscess, the doctor said if medical treatment or life-threatening respiratory tract obstruction was delayed until September 28th, Neijiang (micro-blog) Weiyuan small group of yellow Lijun still feel throat well, the doctor check after reminding him still need to pay attention to diet. Previously, he was due to tonsil inflammation and abscess, and even have difficulty eating, had to be in the clinic and hospital for 21 days. Hard to imagine, Huang Lijun tonsil inflammation and abscess is not suffering from illnesses such as colds, but drink chili oil. A month ago, allow yourself to fire up the Internet and to attract customers, engage in business in a roasted rabbit he recorded broadcast platform uploaded two section of your drink chili oil and sesame oil in video, result not only did not "Red Net", your body also suffered little damage. Regret and reflection "people did not fire up, but hurt the body, but also was a 3000 yuan treatment fee, delay business more than and 20 days": when the net is not the pursuit of small red or practical business review this experience, Huang Lijun very regret. People did not fire up, but hurt the body, but also suffered more than 3000 yuan treatment fee, delay business for more than and 20 days, the loss is not small." He said that people do not fire, the idea of online shopping customers can not be achieved. Will never do such a "stupid". After the incident, Huang Lijun reflect that he does not have the network red potential, do not think about when the net is red. "I had a live broadcast before, there were people in the studio, I’d kick them out." He said, this is because he can not accept the Internet "Troll", "from the psychological quality does not have the potential of red net". In addition, he does not like other users on the platform will play". When the network is red, first of all have a good psychological quality, both to be able to accept the top of your people, but also to accept the people who spray you." Huang Lijun said his parents working in the field, these years he is a man. After dropping out of school at the age of 15, he began to raise the rabbit under the support of his parents, more than 2 years ago began to engage in the rabbit business, from the initial retail stores to the wholesale now. Next, he is going to do his business roasted rabbit. "I went to Leshan (micro-blog) to investigate a few times, I want to sell my rabbit to the scenic spots." Upload two videos recorded drink oil a drink a drink sesame oil and chili oil 20, Huang Lijun, currently in Weiyuan (micro-blog) in the suburbs of the rent roasted rabbit business, the main supply of hotels, restaurants and banquet township. August 28th, spare time, he has recorded a live broadcast platform to drink chili oil and sesame oil two video. "The first (video) drink two scoop of chili oil is very hot, Weiyuan seven Pepper Fried, spicy drink throat and stomach, but barely acceptable." He said that after the first video upload, more than and 10 minutes to reach more than 6000 times the number of players, but was quickly removed by the platform. No video was deleted, the Yellow Lijun and recorded second video segments to drink sesame oil, but has not uploaded on the platform display. He speculated that the platform may be the video screen. "I use salad oil and sesame oil, hot pepper, pepper, cumin and anise and other spices fried after filtration, drink.相关的主题文章: