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Medicine Nephrology deals with kidney diseases and their treatments. When kidneys cease to function, the patient is said to have reached end-stage renal disease. This is when he is left with two options either to take a new kidney or take dialysis. Dialysis is a medical procedure that cleanses the blood of all toxins and waste. The purpose of this medical process is to ensure the right levels of chemicals, fluids, and salt in the body so that all organs continue to work in harmony. As such, there are two types of dialysis haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Haemodialysis cleans and filters blood; a machine is used for carrying out this process. It is often performed in a dialysis centre, but home treatment options are also available these days. Peritoneal dialysis, on the other hand, uses the lining of the patient’s abdomen and dialysis solution to remove harmful waste from his body. After several hours, the solution is drained from the abdomen with the help of tube. Both dialysis processes are good as nephrology treatment. The choice often depends on the personal lifestyle of the patient and certain medical conditions that he may have such as diabetes. Haemodialysis is often performed at a dialysis centre while peritoneal dialysis can be easily and safely carried out at one’s home. Patient must not skip his dialysis. Skipping may lead to fluid overload and breathing problem. This is not all; over-accumulation of harmful elements may increase the serum potassium level of the patient, which in turn will create serious cardiac .plications for him. So, it is best to take dialysis as suggested by the doctor/kidney expert. Patients taking dialysis should always watch their diet. Eat what has been suggested by your kidney expert. If you experience breathing trouble, contact your doctor immediately as you may need urgent dialysis. Daily brisk walks for a few minutes may also help. Last, but not the least, patient should start his nephrology treatment as early as possible. The patient and his family should also need to know that dialysis doesn’t cure nephrology or kidney; it just performs the jobs that kidneys are supposed to do.; it keeps patient’s body in balance, removing waste from the blood. Dialysis patients can also lead a normal life. And they can travel as well; however, it is important that they make prior-arrangements for their dialysis where they are heading to. A typical dialysis process takes 4 hours, and may be required 3 times a week. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: