Net exposure Michelle Ye nanny wages do not give money to rent

Net exposure Michelle Ye owed nanny wages do not give money but also rent aunt Michelle Ye micro-blog placards to protest Michelle Ye chats Tencent entertainment according to eye entertainment reports, some friends broke the afternoon of November 4th, digital aunt Michelle Ye home downstairs in the protest placards, required to pay their arrears of work. This reporter immediately rushed to the scene, Michelle Ye is located in Shanghai, Jingan District average price of 12 in the case of a flat apartment downstairs, the two aunt holding Miss ye, nanny, hard-earned money!" The slogan, but according to them, Michelle Ye has been at home these days, but they can not avoid. The police have been involved in mediation, two aunts presented the employment contract, one surnamed Li aunt interviewed said that she was hired in September 24th to start work in October 18th, Michelle Ye said a unilateral termination of service, in accordance with the contract in October 25th should pay 5500 yuan wages aunt Lee, but has not paid, Michelle Ye did not answer the phone does not return WeChat. Aunt Lee originally non nanny, go, leave in the evening every morning, please aunt Michelle Ye during her assistant home, said to provide accommodation for free, aunt lived for ten days, "now she not only gave us a node before wages, in turn also wants me to pay a monthly rent to 4500 yuan." Aunt Lee to discuss the process of accepting another two aunts, Michelle Ye also claimed to be owed wages, ranging in amount. "The police let us go to sue her, but the lawsuit is a long time, it is said to be 35 months, we can not afford to drag, and now I have no money, just a friend bought me a meal." In fact, last night, Michelle Ye sent micro-blog complaints of a domestic company, said the encounter black intermediary and robbery "nanny, the police caught the four they still rolling on". The agency is also responsible for the publication of the drying out of her communication with Michelle Ye WeChat, at the beginning of the contract agreed to work by Michelle Ye, after pulling it black. According to the reporter, there are indeed aunt Michelle Ye shop at the door to talk about the wages of trouble, after being advised to go to the police Michelle Ye. (Tencent entertainment)相关的主题文章: