Net exposure of the woman was robbed of high-grade residential property with a knife it does not mat

Net exposure of the woman was robbed of high-grade residential property with a knife: with us no matter what, at 21:57 on September 23, 2016, the original leisurely Friday night, was a strange number of calls to break. The other end of the phone was a familiar voice from her mother, and she gasped! No matter who knocks at the door!" When I hear foggy, she added: "I was robbed in the downstairs, mobile phone was robbed, the robber said we know! Never open the door…" At this time I was back to God quickly asked her whether there is no matter, there is no injury, my mother said only know that he left a lot of blood, I do not know where the wound. So I hung up the phone with a home phone call 110 for help, I use the most clear and concise statement expressed the robbery in Jiangsu province Changzhou City Tianning District Qinglong Street Jingrui dignity Mansion Garden, my mother was stabbed, I don’t know she is the location, please quickly out of the police. The police officer told me repeatedly confirmed in the Qinglong Street Jingrui dignity Mansion Garden, and soon after the injured, at about 22:15 the first batch of police to the district. At the same time, the mother in the arm of residential security under the stairs, opened the door of the moment this incredible bloodied man look ashen is my mother. In the case after the police escort, we went to the scene together, the mother told the story: on the night of September 23rd, home as usual she parked the car to the negative layer of the underground garage, then went to the elevator to take the elevator to go home. Suddenly she stopped by a burst of rapid footsteps, that is the security or district where the neighbors would like to ride in an elevator, but when she turned over to the right when punching is a face with a black mask, shouchijiandao gangster. When she turned to run late, grabbed the collar is pressed down on the ground and scratched her chin and pulled the gangster mask said "to pay up, I know you not to call the police!" She is very fit to put all the cash on the body to the criminals, but was not satisfied, to a bank card, and then she took a card to the criminals, and the confirmation of 3 times up until this password, leaving the alarm to prevent mother also took the mobile phone. Look at the run away, my mother will dare to go out along the entrance to the garage for help, but even a security did not appear, thanks to an elderly couple to borrow the mobile phone to call me. After understanding the case with my mom went to the hospital to check the wound, disinfection, stitches, accompanied by the police side to appease our emotional side questioned "you Wang Fu Garden is not high-grade residential. How did this happen." Yes, we spent a lot of money to buy the hardcover room, pay more than the surrounding residential property costs, how to get the treatment? The night has already lurking around 1, Jingrui dignity Mansion Garden property manager finally found the hospital, I accompanied her mother to go to the police station to be interviewed more than 2 points, they were waiting in front of the police station, after the US home said that if what is required and help though. At this time we have exhausted, not too much discussion. The second day the police retrieved surveillance probe, the negative layer of the elevator to the incident made clear, the whole process of 5 minutes, 5 minutes, no bandit相关的主题文章: