Net red police was traced to many female contacts, playing with emotion, threatening girls with

Red Net police traced with more female contacts with a nude girl playing with the feelings of threat and Yang was traced to a dozen girls from playing with the feelings of others, but also threaten these girls in nude video, cheated, has to carry out the investigation in response to Cuiping branch. Red net "police" contacts with a number of girls was traced to the original title: micro-blog responded to Cuiping public security network red "police" was traced with a number of girls JINGWAH Times News (reporter Wang Jing) recently, a netizen in Sichuan city of Yibin Province, micro-blog broke the news, a red net "police" Yang and a woman. Many female users who claimed to be related to Yang had exposed their behavior. Yibin City Public Security Bureau Cuiping Bureau responded in the investigation. Some netizens said, Yang also and more than a dozen girls under the banner of love from the girls play with feelings, after being exposed to nude video, Yang also threaten these girls cheated. A number of female netizens who claimed to be related to Yang had exposed Yang’s behavior through micro-blog and chat records. The reporter through micro-blog multiple people and the female friends in private, but did not respond on the matter. It is understood that the police Grass-roots Public Security Bureau of Yibin City branch of Ping Yang, as a grassroots police daily work will rewrite the lyrics into micro-blog unexpected popularity. After that, many female netizens expressed their affection for them. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter in Yang micro-blog message, whether the network transmission is true, Yang has not yet responded. At the same time, the reporter repeatedly call the Yibin Municipal Public Security Bureau Cuiping branch, the phone has no answer. At present, the netizens have not yet been confirmed by the police. A day earlier, the Yibin Municipal Public Security Bureau Cuiping Bureau informed that, on the network transmission of police Yang and the improper communication, has been carried out in the investigation. (JINGWAH times)

网红警察被曝与多女交往玩弄感情 用裸照威胁女生  杨某被曝同时和十几个女生来往玩弄他人感情,还以裸照、视频威胁这些被骗女生,翠屏分局回应已在开展调查。   网红“警察”被曝与多名女生交往  翠屏公安微博回应  原标题:网红“警察”被曝与多名女生交往  京华时报讯(记者王婧)近日,有网友微博爆料,四川省宜宾市一名网红“警察”杨某同时与多个女生来往。多名自称与杨某有关系的女网友曝光其行为。宜宾市公安局翠屏分局回应,已在开展调查。  有网友称,杨某同时和十几个女生来往,打着谈恋爱的旗号玩弄女生们的感情,被曝光后,杨某还以裸照、视频威胁这些被骗女生。多名自称与杨某有关系的女网友通过微博、聊天记录曝光杨某的行为。记者通过微博发私信与上述女网友中的多人,但均未对此事予以回复。  据了解,宜宾市公安局翠屏分局基层民警杨某,因一条将基层民警日常工作改写进歌词的微博意外走红。之后,许多女网友向其表达爱慕之情。  昨天下午,记者在杨某微博留言,对于网传情况是否属实,杨某尚未作出回应。同时,记者多次致电宜宾市公安局翠屏分局,电话一直无人接听。目前,网友们的说法尚未得到警方证实。  此前一天,宜宾市公安局翠屏分局通报称,关于网传的民警杨某与网友的不当交往,已在开展调查。(京华时报)相关的主题文章: