New Social .working System Now Available For Holistic

Press-Releases Holistic health practitioners can now take advantage of joining the TCM Directory, a website and directory that also has a new built in social networking system. The service is provided free of charge and the upgrade enables the health practitioners to not only be found by potential patients, but to also network, connect, and gain referrals from other practitioners. "Signing up is free and easy," says Elie Goldschmidt, the founder of the TCM Directory. "It allows people to get in front of their target market while at the same time network with other health professionals and businesses in the field of holistic and Chinese medicine to help their practice or business grow." The TCM Directory website is set out with lots of useful categories, including find a practitioner, practice building, herbal .panies, practitioner supplies, books, and continuing education. Chinese acupuncture has grown tremendously in the last two decades. Anyone who is interested in either finding out more about their chosen holistic profession – or wants to find a practitioner near them – will find the website extremely useful. There is a separate section for classifieds that allows you to browse and list employment opportunities such as acupuncture jobs and much more. "Lots of holistic health practitioners are already members of the site," added Elie Goldschmidt. "We can count some high profile members among our number as well, including the New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Many individual practitioners, including authors and pioneers in the field Harriet Beinfield, and Efrem Korngold, are also members." The site has members ranging from all kinds of different fields. Anyone who is an acupuncturist, chiropractor, massage therapist, homeopath, Ayurveda practitioner or operates in another area of holistic health is wel.e to join. "We believe we are the first site of our kind to offer a directory and social networking system for our members to use," said Elie. "This can be used for free, and members will also be listed in our directory. The social networking part of the site enables members to network with other health professionals and businesses in many ways. They can add them as friends, write on their ‘walls’ and ask for advice if needed. All the networking is private between the members as well, so it provides a safe and useful .munity to use." There are other similar websites around today but the TCM Directory is unique in its field because it is .pletely free of charge. Most other directory and membership sites require some kind of fee to join up. Elie has created the site over the space of four years and the new social .working feature is set to make it even more useful for holistic health practitioners in the future as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: