New song to the ocean behind in the first Yang Mina regret losing stellarium

"New song" to Yang Yang Mina unfortunately defeated Jiang Dunhao behind in the first Sina entertainment news as Jielun "surface strongest team" only child ", with the whole team hope to ocean. As the first station in Singapore Chinese nest singing, by a lot of Singapore Chinese support he said is not to want to win glory for the team, "more chinese". Ceng Minjie, a group of students to give him a joke, said: to the ocean is a person who can rely on the face to eat, but it depends on talent!" He has always been versatile this time brought the tutor Jay Chou’s classic Lyric slow song, the longest movie. This version is more fit to the western music background, into the R& B style. With behind the big screen constantly flashed the "Roman holiday", "Titanic", "Westward Journey" and other classic love movie screen, a handsome Beige windbreaker he deduces a mournful love story on the stage. For his performance, in order to give his mentor Jielun even stood on the chair and mentor canvassing, although self deprecating "sing my songs are no good", but he also said "bless hope to break the spell of ocean surface, the strongest, forever to the ocean!" Deliver the goods to the ocean eventually won 35577 of the vote, far more than the 14227 votes for Li Peiling and Xu Geyang in front of 20722 votes, the lowest votes out of Li Peiling. Unlike other ordinary newlyweds, Yang Meina’s husband complained to the show, "she went on a song after the wedding." Yang Meina’s singing to the highest stage of song sound ", she became the Harlem Yu clan" champion students". In the finals, she chose the May day [micro-blog] of the "stubborn", a handsome black dress collocation smokey-eye make-up that she wild, Harlem Yu called the "sound, not only sing to stick with the original song in the stubborn, and a little more of her unique Western style. Professor Harlem Yu also revealed himself as Yang Meina chose the song of good intentions: Yang Meina before the concert repertoire is heavy more stable, "I hope she sang a little sunshine inspirational song", he also to all people who love music their advice: "Never mind is stubborn to personal independence of conduct, stubborn, don’t drift." But eventually Yang Meina defeated Xu Geyang by 19066 votes, but she still regret to say goodbye to the stage, with a bright smile to announce: "in the future I will do!" (when commissioning editor:)相关的主题文章: