Nine eat egg soup for chowhound

Chowhound necessary: eat nine egg egg soup, daily essential ingredients, many practices, egg soup is a common, but you think the egg is the egg mix, steam can be directly? The following Xiaobian teach you 9 kinds of egg soup to eat, not a good collection of essential chowhound! Coconut milk custard ingredients: 1 egg, milk, coconut powder 1 150ml bag, strawberry amount, banana amount of practice: 1) to prepare all the ingredients. 2) instant coconut powder mix with milk. 3) egg. 4) the coconut milk into the egg and stir evenly. 5) then filter the egg milk. 6) wrapped in cling film into the steamer steamed for 10-12 minutes. Lime steamed egg ingredients: 2 egg, steamed egg, 12 bags of lime oil 1 teaspoon, 12 teaspoon of salt, soy sauce appropriate practices: 1) lime steamed egg powder, as long as half a packet can be. 2) heat boiling water bowl, stir well, set aside for 3 minutes to clarify. 3. Add 12 teaspoons of salt and 1 tsp oil. 4) scored two egg, until it hit the chopsticks can not afford to pick eggs. 5, the clarified lime steamed egg water slowly into the egg, while using chopsticks to stir eggs. 6) steamed into the pot. I put a pressure cooker, when steamed steamed Steamed Rice together. 7) pour a good amount of soy sauce after the good. Steamed egg: egg 150g, rural food right amount of edible oil, salt, soy sauce, onion appropriate amount of practice: 1) all the materials ready. 2) shallot washed chopped green onion standby. 3) egg into the bowl. 4) add a small amount of salt, a small promise, not too much. 5) oil added small Xu, use chopsticks to beat eggs. 6) add 8.5 egg shell water. 7) after mixing evenly into the steaming bowl. 8, cover with plastic wrap, put into the pot steam for about 8 minutes, steamed egg surface condensation. 9) remove and sprinkle with chopped green onion, soy sauce and cooked oil. Steamed Egg with Clams ingredients: 10 egg, 2 clams, 1 pieces of ginger, red pepper, onion, moderate amount of salt, half teaspoon of soy sauce steamed fish, half tablespoon sesame oil 1 tsp practice: 1) preparation of raw materials. 2) clams spit sand, boiling water, add clams, opening a fishing a. Remove all spare clams. 3) egg whisk until blended with warm boiling water. Add salt and stir well. 4) placed in the clam stew, or bowl. 5) filter the egg into the container. Pack toothpick poke several holes with plastic wrap or cover the egg cup lid. Small and medium steam 8 minutes -10 minutes. 6) red pepper, soy sauce, sesame oil, 7) against the good steamed when good Steamed Egg Custard eat with step 6 in the feed juice. Orange egg soup ingredients: 1 egg, orange 2, 15g, 6G, lotus Lily candy 4 pieces practice: 1) all the materials ready 2) seeds, soaked in water lily open standby 3) egg into the bowl 4) stir with chopsticks) 5 two 6 egg sieve bowl) standing for half an hour or so 7) wash everything for two oranges 8) dig out the flesh, leave the skin for 9) first put the orange pulp and sugar) 10 to 11) into the egg sprinkle brewed lily, lotus 12) cover film steam for 15 minutes. Letinous edodes meat puree with egg ingredients: meat mud 80g, dry letinous edodes 2, eggs, 1.相关的主题文章: