Nine philatelic exhibition was held at Hangzhou University of humor e3300

Nine philatelic exhibition was held as one of the nine humor animation series of activities in Hangzhou Normal University for 30 years, from September 27th to October 27th, "nine Philatelic Exhibition humor" in Hangzhou Normal University Master · Feng Zikai Research Center Exhibition Hall, the exhibition of famous cartoonist nine creation more than 120 pieces of fine stamp cartoons. The exhibition is sponsored by the China Institute of higher education aesthetic education Specialized Committee, Hangzhou Institute of Arts education. Chiu, whose real name is Wang 90%, famous cartoonist, scholar, Academy of Chinese Traditional Opera Department of new media arts comics professional tutor, director, Institute of China comedy aesthetics the vice president of the Beijing Institute, CCTV TV special guest speaker, National Archives of Ministry of culture of animation project judges. 1986 began to publish comics, comic has published more than 2000 pieces, published the "comic book", "nine nine," cartoon stamp cartoons "red", "Japanese cartoon" comparison etc.. His original nine stamp cartoons with its unique artistic style and offbeat humor popular, has won numerous awards at home and abroad. Nine stamp cartoons and comic stamps is the ingenious combination of a new comic art, first for Mr. Chiu mid 1980s. It is the main map stamp extends outward, launched two creation, resulting in the conception of new comics. Nine stamp cartoons and humor contains philosophy, no words, known as art without borders. These works to watch Mr Chiu, found his humor is not nonsense, his humor is rooted in the real life of the society, with the words of Mr. Chiu, is the artist to play. Therefore, the theme of environmental protection and the old nine philatelic humor sports theme most of the old nine green cartoon reflects his awareness of hardship to the human environment, sports cartoons promote human spirit. Of course, his humor also has a lot of disharmony of backward, irony, but his satire is not spear, is more refined and cultured, and this comic master Feng Zikai’s artistic spirit is fit. The "nine Philatelic Exhibition humor" is an activity as Chinese Institute of higher education and aesthetic education of the 2016 annual meeting of the Specialized Committee, highlighting the famous cartoonist nine as a college teacher, the aesthetic effect of cartoon art for teenagers.相关的主题文章: