Ningbo 1 black car driver to pick up the ice to sell money hasn’t been arrested-w-inds.

Ningbo 1 black car driver picked up the money to sell methamphetamine has not been arrested black car driver Wu, thought the pick up of the ice sold, not only can solve old customers anxious to earn extra money, which I know have not got the money was arrested. Recently, Ninghai County People’s Procuratorate of Wu approved the arrest on suspicion of drug trafficking. Wu is a 80, Ningbo Xiangshan people, because there is no work, he will find relatives and friends to borrow money to buy a car to open the black car. Huang is the drug traffickers, often package Wu’s car for ice, is also an acquaintance. In September 17, 2016, 8000 yuan Huang received drug money to buy poison "bald", but the staff could not collect the corresponding number of methamphetamine, very anxious. The next afternoon, "bald" to Xiangshan and Huang Huang will contact the drug trade, Wu drove his "head" in Xiangshan and going around in circles, contact the purchase and take ice. However, three people ran for most of the day, Hwang also approached 10 grams of methamphetamine, did not reach the "bald" to buy 25 grams. The "head" in the car stop fly into a rage, scold Huang incompetence. While driving Wu see his old customers to be yelled so miserable, suddenly remember some time ago to clean the car health found a passenger to drop a packet of approximately 8 grams of methamphetamine in the car. Wu heard that ice is very expensive, it has been hidden. The need to see Huang, you want to send a small fortune to Huang, gave him a rescue. Huang are pleased to call Wu out quickly, check the goods, and Wu agreed a good price. The three men then went down to Ninghai, did not expect the police set up checkpoints encountered on the road, three people were arrested. According to the relevant judicial interpretations, drug trafficking 7 grams less than 10 grams, are serious, be sentenced to more than 3 years of fixed-term imprisonment of 7 years and shall also be fined.

宁波1黑车司机捡来冰毒拿去卖 还没收钱就被批捕   “黑车”司机吴某,自以为把捡来的冰毒卖了,既可以解老顾客之急又可以赚点外快,哪知道还没拿到钱就被抓了。近日,宁海县人民检察院对吴某以涉嫌贩卖毒品罪批准逮捕。   吴某是80后,宁波象山人,因为没有工作,他就找亲戚朋友借钱买了辆车开黑车。黄某是贩毒人员,经常包吴某的车收取冰毒,也算是熟人。   2016年9月17日,黄某收了买毒人员“光头”的8000元毒资,却凑不齐相应数量的冰毒,很是着急。次日下午,“光头”追到象山要和黄某交易毒品,黄某便联系吴某开车带着他和“光头”在象山兜兜转转,联系购买和取冰毒。但是,三人跑了大半天,黄某也只联系到了10克冰毒,没有达到“光头”要买的25克。“光头”火冒三丈,在车上不停责骂黄某办事不力。一边开车的吴某见自己的老顾客被骂得那么惨,突然想起自己前段时间打扫车内卫生时发现有一名乘客落了一小包大概8克左右的冰毒在车上。吴某听人说过,冰毒很贵,就一直藏着。这次见黄某急需,就想发个小财卖给黄某,顺便给他解围讨个人情。黄某一听很高兴,叫吴某赶紧拿出来,验了货,并与吴某商定好了价格。三人随后高高兴兴开车到宁海,没想到路上遇到了民警设卡检查,三人均被抓获。   根据有关司法解释,贩卖毒品7克以上不满10克的,属于情节严重的情形,可以判处3年以上7年以下有期徒刑,并处罚金。相关的主题文章: