Northeast network transmission plant explosion casualties official 4 people injured-drop dead diva

Northeast network transmission plant explosion casualties: 4 minor official Beijing news news today (2) evening, the network transmission Heilongjiang Kedong County a factory explosion casualties ", Kedong County Propaganda Department responded to the Beijing News, the fire caused a total of 4 employees were slightly injured, no deaths, at present the site has been cleared. Today, around 10 pm, after another Kedong netizen posted the video said the fire occurred in a local soybean products factory. Live video display, the company name is "Yu protein", the flames, and the fire department rescue. Subsequently, the network media release news, the accident "protein factory storage tank explosion", "many casualties scene has been blocked."". Beijing News reporter learned from the Qigihar fire brigade, the fire occurred around 8 p.m., has been extinguished. Kedong County People’s hospital emergency department staff said, not the wounded to the hospital. Heilongjiang Kedong County propaganda department to respond to the matter said the Beijing News, the accident caused 4 people were injured, the staff, the enterprises involved no death, the scene has been cleared. Public information, Yu Wang Kedong soybean protein food Co. Ltd. was founded in 2013, is a production and sales of bean products enterprises.

网传东北一工厂爆炸多人伤亡 官方:4人轻伤   新京报快讯 今日(2日)晚间,就网传“黑龙江克东县一工厂爆炸多人伤亡”一事,克东县委宣传部向新京报回应称,火灾共造成4名企业员工轻伤,未有死亡,目前现场已清理完毕。   今日晚10点左右,陆续有克东网友发布视频称,当地一家大豆制品厂发生火情。现场视频显示,当事企业名为“禹王蛋白”,现场火光冲天,并已有消防部门展开救援。随后,有网络媒体发布消息称,事故系“蛋白厂储油罐发生爆炸”、“多人伤亡现场已封锁”。   新京报记者从齐齐哈尔市消防支队了解到,火灾发生于晚8点左右,已被扑灭。克东县人民医院急诊科一名工作人员称,未有伤者入院。   黑龙江克东县委宣传部向新京报回应此事称,事故造成4人轻伤,均为涉事企业员工,未有死亡,现场已清理完毕。   公开资料显示,克东禹王大豆蛋白食品有限公司成立于2013年,系一家以生产和销售豆制品的企业。相关的主题文章: