One thousand years of Liaoning Guanyin was damaged the developers

Liaoning one thousand years of Guanyin Guanyin Yongquan Temple damaged developers were colossus colossus were damaged by the developers Yongquan Temple of Guanyin Guanyin temple was damaged developers Yongquan colossus damaged [original title] developers Chaoyang Millennium Temple Yongquan temple was destroyed in Guanyin the developers, Liaoning province Chaoyang City Yongquan Temple religious places a kind of outdoor face was the goddess of mercy destroy. It is understood, is located in Chaoyang Chaoyang City County in Liaoning Province South double Miaozhen Millennium Temple Yongquan temple, Temple of perennial springs Valley runs, in accordance with the five line distribution arrangement, as early as the Tang Dynasty period there are temples and other religious buildings, the statue of the "elegant and delicate like lapras because of fine sculpture, like elegant, nearly thirty years has attracted tens of millions of tourists from home and abroad to come to worship it. According to the local masses: the statue of Guanyin statue of Chaoyang City is a tourism development company in the local area of the demolition contract for tourism development, has not made the Yongquan temple and the local people agree. Local people expressed strong dissatisfaction that this greatly hurt the feelings of religious temples and local people. According to the tourism development company official said, the future will be converted into children’s amusement park here.相关的主题文章: