Open the engine for the wisdom of academicians and experts Baishan innovation and development-spyair

Academicians and experts open "wisdom engine" Ruixue welcoming to the innovation and development of Baishan, experts sent bora. October 30th, to participate in the second round of "academicians and experts Baishan innovation transformation and promote revitalization activities of academicians and experts arrived in Baishan, for enterprise innovation and transformation of Ariadne, for Baishan revitalization and development suggestions. How do the geological turned Mine Park in the afternoon, the Chinese Academy of Engineering Cai Meifeng Chinese line Dalizi mining limited liability company to Tonghua group located in Linjiang City, research guidance. According to the person in charge of the enterprise, the company formerly known as the East Road, big chestnut ditch mining, was built in 1938 puppet period, is now mainly engaged in iron ore and other products. In recent years, iron ore prices continued to slump, resulting in a temporary dilemma for the operation of enterprises. To this end, I hope the experts in the field of innovation and transformation of enterprises to open a prescription". Cai Meifeng thinks, Linjiang city with abundant natural resources and incomparable ecological environment, in the process of the development of "big tourism" industry in the mine must not ignore quality resources. Dalizi mine mining has a long history, can restore governance through the mine geological environment, and gradually build a mine geological park to mining heritage protection, patriotic education, green ecological leisure tourism and science teaching practice base for the main function. Counterparts of other experts also agreed that the mine is the basis of good conditions to declare mine address park. In the future reporting work, to do a good job in the early planning. Handle the relationship between production and development, and take the pace of work report. Magnesium and rare earth with the perfect partner China president of Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Magnesium Association Xu Jinxiang came to the East Feng Linjiang magnesium industry limited company, for the development of enterprise interrogation pulse. The person in charge of the company introduced the current situation of the company’s overall development and economic operation, and on the rare earth magnesium alloy production and development status of the detailed description. Xu Jinxiang said that the eastern edge of the magnesium industry to make full use of the advantages of magnesium and rare earth resources, the development of independent property rights of high-performance magnesium alloy materials, I believe will be in the future market competition in a dominant position. At the same time, he also on the formation of rare earth magnesium alloy processing technology has expressed a high degree of recognition. Other experts also expressed their views, we think: the application of high performance magnesium alloys in aerospace, rail transportation, automotive and other fields will be more and more, the developed countries attach great importance to the development and application of magnesium alloy, and give full play to China magnesium and rare earth resources advantages, strengthen the research and development of the enterprise, innovation ability, development of rare earth magnesium alloy with high performance, the formation of high performance magnesium alloy material standard system with the characteristics of the enterprise, and the magnesium rare earth materials to the domestic market, the resource advantages and technological advantages into economic advantages.相关的主题文章: