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Optimistic about the market China   Nordic combined travel business force propaganda depth tour   – Travel Channel people.com.cn (Feng Yatao) in Beijing in November 28, with the steady development of economy China, Chinese tourists to Nordic tourists with an average growth rate of 30%, become the biggest highlight of the tourism market of europe. "We see the potential consumption of Chinese tourists and changes in the way of travel, so the search for Chinese partners, pushing Nordic depth tour." 28, 2009, chairman of the Scandinavia Tourism Bureau Per Holte in Beijing to accept the people’s daily interview expressed the above views. On the same day, the Scandinavia Tourism Bureau, Finland airlines and UTS tourism signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly promote the Chinese tourists Nordic tour. Per Holte said that the Nordic beautiful steep fjords, dazzling, colorful northern lights in the midnight sun to China tourists are very attractive; Denmark leisurely the hometown of Andersen, Odense, Castle towering stand North Sjaelland, Michelin brother Copenhagen restaurant with China also attracted a large number of tourists, hopes to deepen China tourists on tour understanding of the local culture. UTour senior vice president Zhang Lei said, through the investigation of tourists, found in most of the tourists have many Nordic outbound tourism experience, higher economic level, pay more attention to the life experience. Nordic natural ecological resources are very rich, tourists can choose to go hiking, picking, sea fishing, fishing and other experience projects to meet the individual needs of different groups. "The three parties reached a strategic cooperation, will tour product development to launch more innovative initiatives in the Nordic depth, UTS tourism will cooperate with Scandinavia Tourism Bureau, the more interesting tourist resources through carefully designed to Chinese tourists, Finland airlines will be on the ticket policy, aviation services to provide more humane support." (Feng Yatao, even pure commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: