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Rainy days before driving a high-speed car brakes a large truck onto the fence in the past few days, rainy days the main melody, this weather is not a good thing for high speed train. Recently, Shen Hai high-speed on a semi-trailer accident, almost planted road. While dealing with the driver in the accident, but the wet road is one of the "accomplice" accident. On Friday afternoon, Xi a driver drove a container semi-trailer, heading to Fujian from Shandong. The car to Shen Hai high-speed road Taizhou Road, basically rain soaked black buttony. About 4 o’clock, the car to Shen Hai Wenzhou Expressway to the direction of Taizhou export 3 kilometers, suddenly out of control out of the fence, almost fell under the roadbed. High speed traffic police rushed to the scene and found the container semi-trailer tail in the air, seven or eight was the front guardrail washed, the front has been to the fence, the road is also a "pull" rift guardrail. If the weight of the container, the car would have to fall under the roadbed. The accident occurred at a startling moment let xi. Xi a recall, was in the slow lane with a large truck normally open, the front of the truck suddenly on the brakes. "Between our two car dozen meters, unconsciously, while only the emergency brake, while avoiding hit the left direction." Xi said, "did not think the car is right out of direct hit the guardrail." Fortunately, Xi a and the same car personnel are wearing a seat belt, car damage not injured, a car pulled the car of Chinese cabbage, nor what losses, but the road infrastructure is very ill. As a result of the accident car tail occupy the slow lane and the hard shoulder, the site is only lane to traffic, causing the rear of large area traffic, high-speed traffic police near the exit to take diversion measures, and scheduling of crane, trailer for the rescue, the day 6:30, the road was gradually restored to pass. According to the Taizhou high-speed traffic police statistics, Thursday, Friday two days, total area of high-speed traffic accidents since more than and 20, mainly in the rear, hit the guardrail, scratch accident, almost all can not get away and the road is wet slip. High speed traffic police to remind the rain, the road is not changed, only in the car nowadays Kung Fu, high speed must control the speed, slow down, and keep a distance from the front of the car, at this time if the blind drive fast, it is nothing.相关的主题文章: