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"Panda romance" premiere warm adorable love Shuabing Meng Da treasure entertainment Sohu –   help breeder cub milk Sohu entertainment news "sober don’t stupid, this is the baby", "to see the pandas’ mother hunting baby Hyun Doll ‘happiness, everything is worth waiting for"…… This Friday night, many people micro-blog and circle of friends are so adorable warm remarks shuabing. The formation of the "Panda baby boom" on the Internet, it is Beijing TV broadcasting warm the nation’s first file original popular documentary "panda romance". This file shows the panda adorable and cute state, recorded between the giant panda and the breeder real moving emotion program, the launch of the first phase will be only a few lens at the upcoming production of giant panda mother, a true record of Meng Da "national treasure" Panda "Panda" 24 hours of sleepless guardian and taken care of, in the whole process of production of an important stage of the "Xiong Sheng", arouse the audience respect, on the giant panda protection and love. Three generations of Meng Da: daughter when the mother "the most leisurely panda grandmother" give up "lose weight" "expectant mother" Shuqin mom and dad are from the wild pandas rescue back, the baby’s stomach, also with precious wild giant panda gene. To make sure the baby is born smoothly, even during labor suffer unimaginable pain, should remain sober, beware of Shuqin state. In contrast, some 200 kilometers outside the mother but in English Shuqin, leisurely eating fresh bamboo, "the grandson was born" waiting for the arrival of good news. Adorable state full of "panda English grandmother" appeared, let netizens excitedly said to be adorable ". After not midwives, to ease the pain of difficult birth stage, Shuqin successfully gave birth to the baby, English naturally promoted to the "panda grandmother" ranks. "The children", seems to have found "lose weight" "justification", still lounging in the corner to eat bamboo. English is so calm and comfortable life attitude, welcomed by the audience, and the harvest of the most leisurely panda grandmother "nickname. Shu Qin Meng Da three generations, has become all the eyes of the existence of god". Responsibility: the great love panda audiences "precious little life" awesome people are hard to predict and imagination, the giant panda in the production process to go through the long uneasy anxiety, pain to the baby. No matter how hard the previous experience and pain, in the birth of the baby at the moment of success, everyone will be the mother of the infinite warmth of the mother’s love "melt". Because from this moment, the eyes of the people of the world to bring love and joy "happy" panda, another with the responsibility of "mother" identity. Through the recording of the program, a lot of the audience bluntly by the giant panda birth process "shock": "before the production of hoarse roar, so many hours of waiting, finally appeared so small a small life. Life is really awesome!" "The panda mother pain for so long, was born so precious baby panda, great! Maternal love is.相关的主题文章: