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Peacekeepers drilling 12 meters in dud left a suicide note 4 hard day dug – Sohu Military Channel 10 years ago and battlefield thrilling story stirs my pride, the fifteenth batch of troops to Lebanon peacekeeping mission – 100 ljxb witness peace act as "a piece of shrapnel hit and Colonel Zhou Feng’s back, poor 2 cm into the chest……" National Day on the eve of the fifteenth batch of troops to Lebanon peacekeeping camp ljxb exhibition area, four sergeant Yang Yinghui about 10 years ago during the adventure, surrounded by his side and hold a new generation of peacekeepers breathing, heart in my throat. In April 2006, 182 soldiers Chinese troops across the ocean, came to southern lebanon. More than 3 months after the outbreak of large-scale armed conflict in lebanon. The area is in the center of the Chinese camp battle, every day there are a lot of shells exploded in the camp perimeter. With the intensification of the conflict, a step by step approach: the battle to Chinese camp area, 3 officers were injured on duty; post Hiam was bombed, Du Zhaoyu and other 4 UN military observers sacrifice…… Facing the threat of death, peacekeepers stick fighting, not only 30 times out of the rescue braved a hail of bullets, still actively assist the local people to clear the row of a large number of unexploded bombs, most of them were destroyed, only a hundred pieces after the technical treatment is regarded as a historical witness to stay. Passing of night, the bomb is now rusting, but let the heroic shine. With the pace of the move, Yang Yinghui tells more P: a bomb into the 12 meters deep underground, I do not know what the reason did not explode. When the mine company commander Chen Dairong led several technical backbone to note the pressure at the bottom, back to the scene. 4 hard days, they finally a bomb dug out. The first went to Li Wei and soldiers left a precious spiritual wealth." Peacekeeping force deputy commander, army fourteenth army headquarters, chemical engineer Ye Lvqiang told reporters that they had emerged in war hero in the story as a vivid textbook, extensive "in terms of the" blue helmets "story, when the" blue helmets "successor activities, combined with the major festival organization to relive the party oath, held a ceremony to pay homage to the martyrs. The officers and soldiers in the history in the profound understanding of" going abroad "and why" to fulfill the mission by what". In addition, they also collected 10 years of peacekeeping image data, made into a documentary feature, to further deepen the education effect. The reporter learned that since late May of this year the deployment of peacekeepers to the mission area, launched the "blue line" mine, construction, operation, planting pile bunker humanitarian relief work, won the "UNIFIL commander awards".相关的主题文章: