People’s Daily Why are actors expensive Mainly good actors too few

People’s Daily: Why are actors expensive? Is a good actor as "Yi Zhuan" too little actor price paid controversial "people’s Daily" reported in September 1st in the past, talking about film and television program development in the process of making difficult, everybody is good, not easy to find a good screenwriter director, and now, the most difficult problem that big head turned out to find an actor. The actor is hard to find, because the price is too high. I have a friend who recently were making a movie actor looking for candidates, circle a price inquiry, the first actor some offer up to 50 million yuan, 35 million yuan more. These actors, some acting experience is not rich, is participating in the work unit, the high ratings at the box office, the price will follow up. A male actor in a film released in 2015 for the first time appeared on the big screen, the film became the dark horse in the year of low cost, high return, the actor from a cipher into a fee of 30 million yuan big names". This example for many film and television projects be too numerous to enumerate, as long as it comes, actor, hit out cost. Just a little famous actors for a movie paid tens of millions of dollars, shoot an episode paid hundreds of thousands of yuan, which are commonplace in the industry. As a result, in order to control the overall cost of the project, the producer had to pay the cost of production outside the actor to do the article, can save the province, can be exempt from. A lot of movies and television, for more than half of the cost of compensation actor accounted for the entire project cost, and most of the money, post production effects and other aspects, but only in a limited budget in the "dance in shackles". That is to say, did you hear about a film investment of 100 million yuan, of which 50 million yuan may be used on the actors, of which 30 million yuan are more likely to enter an actor’s pockets, the quality of the television program is mediocre. High pay is just one of the performance of the actor, and another kind of expensive is not known to the general audience. Now whenever some famous actors have set up their own company or studio, at around a dozen people around for their services, some of the largest, the crew have cut spending overruns. But these actors own company or studio not only paid to the highest, who they think the market potential of the project, but also investment, accounting for the shares, in the latter part of split, the conditions of restrictions, make already deformed film market distortions, already can not afford the actor project at. Why are the actors expensive? The main reason is that too few good actors. Now people talk about actors, are willing to be named "star". In fact, actors and stars are two concepts. The actor is a kind of occupation, as the engineer, accountant, reporters, also emphasizes the accumulation of experience and service level; and the star is the packing results in commercial logic, not necessarily good acting, being high, but there are more commercial value. It is precisely because of this, now many actors are lost and lonely, and not for the performing arts, but to the star to become fame. Many young people believe in the only known to be as early as possible, a cosmetic, opera, film advertising, by Yan, on gossip, by speculation, "little meat" and "small Lolita" but really emerge in an endless stream.相关的主题文章: