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Pepper robot in Taiwan stem from the insurance salesman [editor’s note] on science and technology Tencent, a glittering, white body new team officially joined the Taiwan labor market — a named Pepper small mini robot team. This robot called Pepper Mini robot team, not only can quickly attract customers, but also very good at attracting customers to sell all kinds of. These will speak Chinese Pepper Mini Robot in Taipei debut, it quickly became popular, because of its excellent performance, will soon be recommended to two banks and an insurance company to work". These mini robot is very powerful, they can not only with the rhythm of the music dance hall can also accompany the noisy kids to play, can even lead the company staff calisthenics active atmosphere. Although these white mini robot has very powerful features, but the design intention is just to please those in the queue and feel bored with the customer, because they can communicate with customer queuing, and said to them: "Hello, it is my pleasure to serve you." These are called the Pepper Mini Robot with high EQ and good social skills, for example, when people make Pepper guess their age Mini Robot, the robot will own estimate of the age less a few years to get the favor of customers. After gaining the favor of customers, they will go further to their prey. Pepper Mini robot will provide internal related financial products and other information to their prey, and encourage the "prey" to visit the company’s official website, or to consult the company’s sales team to seek a more in-depth and comprehensive news. After the first day of work, Pepper, Taiwan’s largest insurance company, Cathay Pacific, was pleased with its performance, and the company immediately decided to recommend Pepper Mini robots to its various branches. Cathay Life Insurance Plan in the island a total of "employment" 10 Pepper Mini Robot, but the company has repeatedly stressed that the Pepper Mini robot is just to make up for lack of internal staff, does not mean that these robots will completely replace the original human employees. Cathay Life Insurance CEO Richard · the king said: "these mini robot is working to meet customers, and introduce the related products to them, so that they will not wait in the intermittent service feel boring." Richard also said: "of course, we hope that one day in the future, these robots can help us to do more work, but you can be sure that these robots will replace our original human employees." Pepper Mini robot was first unveiled in 2014 from the Softbank Corp of Japan, although its vertical height is only 120 cm (about 4 feet), but the robot body is white, shiny and eye-catching, so. Over its white plastic body.相关的主题文章: