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Careers-Employment Now that so many facets of work are .pleted electronically, as opposed to face to face, its not unusual for an employer to conduct and interview by phone. Usually, just the initial interview will take place this way, with a second interview done in person if the applicant seems qualified for the job. However, with business budgets shrinking and employees having heavier workloads than ever, its possible that the human resources person whos doing the hiring doesnt have time to meet with you in person at all. Here are some tips and tricks to make your phone interview more successful and increase your odds of getting the job: 1) Make sure you remember your phone appointment! This seems like a no-brainer, but if you dont mark the appointment on your calendar, you might get the time wrong or forget about it .pletely. If the employer calls and you dont answer or you and your kids are in the checkout line at the grocery store, chances are theyre not going to think well of your ability to be on time for the job. 2) Know who is calling who. If you think theyre going to call you at 2PM and you wait half an hour before realizing that you were supposed to be the one to call, youre going to look like a space cadet. Again, dont make the employer think youre a Johnny (or Joanie) .e Lately. 3) Make sure you know what job theyre calling about. When youve applied for dozens of positions, its easy to get confused about whos calling and for what job. Get it straight before they call. 4) Make sure youre in a quiet space and wont be interrupted during the interview. If the babys crying or youre in a noisy coffee shop, youll have trouble staying focused on the interview. 5) Have your resume and a pad and pen in front of you, so you can refer to it and take notes, if need be. 6) Research the .pany and the job description ahead of time, so you can ask intelligent, informed questions. 7) Maintain a professional demeanor. People tend to be more laid back over the phone, but that isnt necessarily what the employer is looking for. Dont engage in small talk or personal stories, unless the employer prompts you. Follow their lead, so you dont seem either too laid back or too stiff and formal. 8) Before you hang up, ask when you can expect to hear back from them about the job. Thats a reasonable question and gives you an idea of how soon you can expect an answer. You may have inferred that theyll call you the next day, but in reality, theyre not going to make a decision for a month. Thats good information to keep you from getting stressed out about your chances of employment. 9) Follow up with an email thanking them for the interview. Briefly restate why youre qualified for the position and how much youd like to work for them. That extra contact builds rapport and keeps you in mind for the job. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: