Photos Xiangyang students picked up Shijinbumei million yuan in cash to the police htc802w

Photos: Xiangyang students picked up Shijinbumei million yuan in cash over the police "I picked up a penny in the street and gave it to the policeman." With the nursery a similar scene occurred in September 20th in Xiangyang on the streets of Gucheng. But not a penny, but ten thousand dollars in cash. According to the Gucheng Traffic Police Brigade squadron Chengguan police Cheng Xuelin, picked up the wallet is a eight year old pupil, has successfully returned to the owner. In September 20th 4 pm, a eight year old pupils picked up to being on duty to help police squadron Chengguan County Street a wallet. After the inventory, found that there are 10 thousand yuan wallet wallet, bank cards, identity cards and supermarket shopping card. In order to confirm the identity of the owner, the traffic police on duty through a call request ID squadron of police mechanized platform query contacts, through a shopping card sent police to the supermarket owner for Shito way. Less than 2 minutes, the roadside police found a woman on the ground to look for what seems to be aware of this person may, police on duty is the owner, immediately asked about the situation. Woman anxiously say their name, because home money urgently, the afternoon went to the bank to get 10 thousand yuan, but because of his be negligent lost my wallet, go home after the discovery, so return to find. After further inquiry and investigation, the police finally confirmed Ms. Zheng is the owner, will be 10 thousand yuan in cash, bank cards, ID cards and card to the supermarket shopping. The owner ADA open the wallet and found the wallet money penny, he kept to the police.相关的主题文章: