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Police officers detained gambling after 2 years to leave malingering were warned of the original title: Gambling officers detained leave malingering after 2 years to untie knot "buried two knot can finally be solved, I most willing to accept organization treatment!" In October 20, 2016, when the Zhejiang province Yuhuan County Law Enforcement Bureau inspectors brigade Deputy instructor Ye Yangmin received the organs Party committee issued by the party warning punishment decision, a long sigh of relief. In February this year, the Yuhuan County Commission for Discipline Inspection to carry out leading cadres clues "of clearance operations in the county within the scope of requirements of all Party members and cadres of the county township streets and control units of the constitution party disciplines to conduct a comprehensive self-examination, discipline inspection and supervision organs to work that interviews and warning remind interviews," Bush in four groups". To take the initiative to report, will depend on the situation and not to be treated lightly; report on holding out, as in the supervision and inspection found, will be dealt with severely. In August 14th, the County Commission for discipline inspection team leader Chen Zhebao seventh in a row in the county law enforcement bureau to carry out the middle-level cadres interviewed, turn the Bureau inspectors brigade Deputy instructor Ye Yangmin, he was so nervous to speak haltingly. When I was out, Ye Yangmin turned back and asked, "if you have any questions, can I come to you again?"" Of course, if you have any questions, you can come to me at any time!" Chen leader affirmed road. On the morning of September 1st, Chen Zhebao’s office door was gently pushed away, standing at the door is the County Urban Management Bureau of Law Enforcement Bureau of Ye Yangmin, and the. "Mr. Chen, we have something to hide from the organization. Today we are here to confess." Two people said with a red face. In the evening of July 8, 2014, Yangmin leaves and sanitation company engineering department deputy chief Chen Taofeng and other 4 people were gambling in the city a chess room, by the public security authorities seized on the spot, 2 people was brought to the police station to make a record of inquiry, 5700 yuan gambling money confiscated, but also by two days of administrative detention punishment. In order not to disturb the unit, Ye Yangmin Chen Taofeng, a quick turn, think of all plan to "heat" and "toothache" as an excuse to write sick, commissioned by the family to go to the unit for the leave procedures. 2 days later, when they got back to work, it was the same, no one knew anything about them. Since then, this thing has become a secret they each other. For a long time, they also remember from time to time, and occasionally think of to slowly forget the mind. Until after this interview, dusty mind again in his mind, after a fierce ideological struggle, two people invariably call each other, choose to appear together in the discipline inspection group of the door, to explain clearly. September 1st afternoon, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection seventh discipline inspection group immediately set up an investigation team, formally accepted and preliminary verification. In October 20th, to complete the investigation, the county Party Committee organ to give Ye Yangmin, Chen Taofeng two party warning. When receiving the decision, the end of more than two years with the hearts of years of walking Kay相关的主题文章: