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Princess " "   Zhang Tian’ai overnight; upright Girl– media — original title: "love dabaobuping Princess" love an upright Zhang Tian’ai Girl Deng Chao in this picture of micro-blog sun, Zhang Tian’ai very domineering. "Princess promotion" let Zhang Tian’ai overnight. Adapted by Zhang Jiajia and the original Zhang Yibai movie "passing from your world" is being released nationwide, JINGWAH Times interview ushered in the big screen debut work movie starring Zhang Tianai day before turning to shoot the scenes, Zhang Tianai said in his own life and identity as a chicken is often particularly aggrieed, and Crown Princess of love, self deprecating extremely excited, but she has a very delicate emotional heart, "I love a lot of text Zhang Jiajia, have very deep feelings, I will give him a micro channel, said you abuse me to death, for example, that" if you want to get off, please don’t wake a me, so I you can pretend you don’t leave. "." – rookie in the studio to interview the director personally very satisfied with Zhang Tianai’s first big screen works is Zhang Jiajia popular short film adaptation of the novel "passing from your world". The film is the issue of the interview intention, Zhang Tianai just because of "Princess promotion" became popular, the crew began tried a lot of people are not final until Zhang Yibai went to "my friend Miss Chen Bailu" scene, "interview" Zhang Tianai, tried a play through, before starting the day to finalize the starring Zhang Tianai the rookie female anchor stations Mao chicken. "At that time, ‘princess’ fire, but I do not feel in the crew. I at the audition performance full of "Mao chicken", which is a rookie, like the director at the scene, the people are ignorant. Thought is the director can come to play, I really feel very satisfied." Wang recalled the scene of the results than expected. Many of Zhang Jiajia’s character Zhang Tianai’s love, sometimes very deep feelings, I will give him a micro channel, said you abuse me to death. If you want to get off, please don’t wake me up, so I can pretend you didn’t leave." She said their bones are actually quite literary young woman, a girl’s delicate heart. The first time through the company’s group with Zhang Jiajia, Zhang Tian’ai said the other to give her the first WeChat is "husband", "when the princess" promotion "is broadcast. I love him is very casual and elegant bearing character, then we chat between like guy." Super brother drinking whisky I nervous piece and Deng Chao emotional drama, Zhang Tian’ai called the discovery Deng Chao is the one in front of the camera lens and exactly the same, very passionate people, including "in life, super brother is not a group of people, if we eat together nobody speech, he has said. He is very love to share some filming for the new proposal, and his own good things to us." Because of the first big screen work, Zhang Tian’ai said he was a difficult to live, so a little "compulsive" she sometimes again, "super brother will accompany me again, super brother 8)相关的主题文章: