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Xiehe professor Yuan Zhong: evil is known to know the good conscience – Sohu health read Wang Yangming "no good no good to the sick, malicious, evil is known to know the good conscience, good to evil is standard", deeply in today’s society "meaning" too much, "to know the good knowledge of evil" is not easy. "Good to evil" difficult. Remember to go to Europe for 06 years, a country life scientist told me frankly, when they carry out scientific and technological innovation, will first consider whether this innovation will have ethical issues, will first consider the results of good and evil, and the first consideration is himself and his team wasn’t technically backward. Once the hospital concluded at the end of the conference last year, through our staff’s hard work, so that our outpatient increased 15%, an increase of 20% inpatients…… While the Dean has summed up last year, through our staff’s hard work, we in the outpatient rescue patients in the ward, how much more to help the patient how much…… Invisible hand of market economy promote the managers always think of "maximum customer", "profit maximization", Dean brains from other hospitals to snatch the patient, naked to restrict or even hate to eat other brothers hospital. Can the Dean told employees, I could not understand his son mother to drag the folks "North Canton" around the doctor, especially by the traffickers extortion, queue up late at night, bad bully, and even become "tumor refugees"…… Heart uncomfortable, we must strive to improve the quality and improve the service, so that the villagers at ease to see a doctor at home…… Now the hospital rankings, ranking, ranking Department experts? Days fly, everyone in the canvassing…… See so many big hospitals, experts, the bottom of the people most disappointed, they can not reach the bottom of the doctor’s most uncomfortable, they can not reach…… Fairness and justice of the government and society, is to let the bottom of the people to see hope. During the war of resistance against Japanese aggression, the youth of Shanghai, Beijing, went to the poor Yanan, because at that time, only China can let the bottom of the Yanan people see hope…… Let the bottom people see hope is the kindness of the group. When you want to learn martial arts, the master began to teach me to immediately, through a period of time to understand how my character. I ask why? The master said: with Kung Fu can do two things, a courageous, a robber. I teach Kung Fu that you can ruin me by doing bad things. We all know that "medicine is humanity, but now we have not only of benevolence, because" good and malicious ", so we need to know good and evil is known the conscience", many thoughts not only desire, but uncontrollable desire. Make money? Is wrong, the economic development is not wrong, regardless of whether or not it will hurt others is wrong, is also evil, "so good to evil is standard".相关的主题文章: