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Qinghai Tibetan Thangka painting povertyherdsman Xi sales at home and abroad – China News Agency in Xining in September 24 Xinhua Xinhua: Qinghai Tibetan Thangka painting povertyherdsman Xi sales at home and abroad the author Sun Rui stretched canvas, hand made Thangka Thangka drawing and sketch coloring papers charcoal…… In Qinghai Prefecture of Huangnan province Tongren County academy Regong studio, students under the guidance of the teacher, was immersed in their own brush. Founded in 2006, located in Qinghai Province, Regong Art Academy, Tongren County, Wu Tun Village, mainly engaged in "Chinese intangible cultural heritage" — the Regong Art Innovation Research, training, production, sales and other work. Collection of national arts and Crafts Master 180 people, the annual production of 6000 pieces of Thangka and other Regong art. Of the Ming and Qing Dynasties old Thangka and contemporary national master of fine works of 632. Tongren County is located in the Tibetan areas in four provinces of China destitute, in order to make the Qinghai Tibetan herdsmen poverty out of poverty, Tongren County in the county rely on the unique "Regong Art", will be aimed at poverty alleviation training Thangka painter, hope that through this special channel for povertyherdsman as soon as possible off poverty "cap". The Institute of Regong Art Director Zahi when the week introduction, from November 2010 onwards, Regong convened hundreds of Academy of poor households from Qinghai Tibetan herdsmen six to five years of free painting Thangka learning, to help poor farmers increase their income, learning proficiency in a particular line, and to better promote the heritage of Regong Thangka art. "To master all Thangka painting skills, at least five years. Five years, students can not only learn in free room and board, painting Thangka, can get 200 yuan a day (RMB, the same below) of living subsidies, subsidies will of course all students in the school for five years to get to." Zahi said this week, at present, from the Academy in out of children, some choose their own businesses, others opened his own studio drawing thangka. "Like from the academy graduate Thangka painter thousand, in full five years after he was outside with students to draw Thangka, an average daily income can reach 300 yuan, therefore more and more want to learn painting Thangka povertyherdsman." Zahi Zhou said. The 22 year old Xie long has been painting for seven years of life, he is Jianzha County of Qinghai province to a poor village of herdsmen. He recalled: seven years ago, the family living in poverty, the annual income of only 2000 yuan, can only rely on a few cattle and sheep to maintain. When the painting to the Qinghai Tibetan Regong for poor students, parents decided to send me to study painting Thangka painting, in addition to learning can increase family income proficiency in a particular line, through their own labor, especially for painting." Long Xie told reporters, now he has become a Thangka painting teacher, "in 2014 five years after the semester, I decided to stay in the academy as a teacher, I want to do this art to teach more Tibetan children in poverty." "The paintings can not only make yourself calm down, they can build up the family fortunes, although the Thangka painting is very hard, for a day, the legs are numb, but where teachers are now the annual income can reach 10 yuan. This became my goal, I would like to have higher income in the future, while the Regong Art better)相关的主题文章: