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Quan Ren said Qiao Renliang was required to eat a lot of sleeping pills to sleep – Qiao Renliang is now very complex mood entertainment Sohu, was a perfect conjugal bliss reunion holiday, a result is very regrettable news. On the evening of 16 10 pm, @ police train – Shanghai micro-blog issued a public notice, said the Putuo police received the alarm in a residential road Qishun a man died at the age of 28, Joe, XX, Shanghai, preliminary forensic identification, ruled out homicide. The news sparked speculation that the deceased was a well-known singer, actor Qiao Renliang, from the Qiao Renliang data show that in October 15th this year, is 28 years old. September 16th 22:49 points, a number of Shanghai media confirmed that the deceased is well-known singer, actor Qiao Renliang. At present, the Shanghai police did not disclose the cause of death, all to the police official news prevail, please respect the dead, do not pass rumors chaos evaluation. 16 evening 23:50 minutes, a reporter at the entrance to the incident area to see the car suspected of entering the funeral home, Qiao Renliang last micro-blog stay in September 7th, publicity for the drama. In 2007, Qiao Renliang and Jing Bairan, Li Yifeng also participated in the "hero", the audience was widely known, "little four little" one after the singer released music scores are good, many singles and albums have won the major music charts, the photo album and also repeatedly hit a sale record signing. Qiao Renliang impresses everyone works mainly with Huang Xiaoming and Joe Chen cooperation "splendid edge Grand Adventure" on the evening of 16 22:30, the drama screenwriter, producer, and Hunan satellite TV, the news was confirmed and condolences. In 2012, Ivy Chen and Peter Ho, Jassie Chen starred in the TV version of "time", as a writer in SOGO 2015, youth "youth love movie 2: so you’re still here". Working with Liu Yifei and Wu Yifan to play the role of Shen Juan. According to net exposure, Qiao Renliang superior family, was the national high jump champion, the national two athletes. Onlookers his recent micro-blog, are basically doing publicity for the film and television works, the expression of personal feelings or opinions basically not mentioned. A speculation about the cause of death, Qiao Renliang suffering from depression, earlier in an interview, Qiao Renliang once said that poor sleep, insomnia is very serious, need to rely on sleeping pills to sleep. Qiao Renliang needs to rely on sleeping pills to sleep Quan Ren in 16, 23:35 also released a circle of friends called Qiao Renliang in the movie "asked him to eat a lot of sleeping pills to sleep every day, whether it is depression?"   Quan Ren Qiao Renliang said the need to take medicine to fall asleep on micro-blog also showed that he was concerned about Freud’s psychoanalytic proposition micro-blog concern Freud’s psychoanalytic proposition   also said "do not intend to surrender the bad guy," last year he and Xu Lu Group CP "we love it", "Mrs. Huang Zhang" voice is too high. Qiao Renliang was troubled, he had hinted that micro-blog issued a document to show just shows, not private exchanges, but because of a misnomer, shelling by the netizens criticized the netizen.相关的主题文章: