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Quanzhou street is the first "share refrigerator" free access to food ­ Quanzhou’s first "share the refrigerator" appeared in Licheng District South Street enforcement section in Xiang Xiang Jun beef restaurant near the hotel entrance, and residents can be their own surplus and good food in the refrigerator, the refrigerator open 24 hours, there is a need people can feel free to take. This newspaper reported last month that this new thing, and now nearly a month ago, "sharing the refrigerator" how to run? The reporter once again conducted on-site visits. ­ although hiding alley, but share refrigerator has been more attention. ­ orderly pick up food at home like ­ the day before yesterday afternoon, the reporter on the scene saw no food in the fridge. Compared with a month ago, the refrigerator a few red tips: if necessary, please take away share. But when the reporter was preparing to leave the beef shop, someone had put a box of cake in the fridge. Cake packaging complete, attached to the plate and fork. ­, head of the museum, said a source of beef, most of the food is taken away by nearby residents, there are sanitation workers and other groups. A source told reporters, came to take away food are very conscious, they only take what they need, and sometimes one, sometimes two, and there will be no food inside the phenomenon of all take away. "It’s natural for everyone to take food, as if they were at home." A source is introduced, the day before he came out of the shop, he saw a little girl riding a bike through, sweating, "sharing the refrigerator" stopped, took a cup of lemon tea drink, but also back to he smiled. ­ nearby residents are involved in a variety of food varieties ­ "the last month to run generally good, and we expect the same." A source told reporters that there is a basic daily food intake and outlet in the refrigerator, beef shop put rice, soup, steak, next door store dessert, drinks, etc.. As time went by, nearby residents know the refrigerator, they brought biscuits, cakes, buns, steamed bread, etc., more and more varieties in the refrigerator. "Every day we will arrange for someone to check in, find food, will first check, label, and please indicate in a day before the reminder. More than two days of food we will clean up." ­ said; operating in the vicinity of the leisure drinks Mr. Zhuang, own store the rest of the beverage, the vacuum packaging will be put into the refrigerator, "I usually pay more attention to saving, this refrigerator is passed to reducewaste concept, full of positive energy." Resident Mr. Liu is also full of praise for the new things, he said he took the drink from the inside, will also have a few Steamed Buns buy their own put in, "see Steamed Buns taken away, feeling himself to save food contribute a little strength." Mr. Liu said with a smile. ­ sharing is not charity more businesses to join the ­ it is understood, near Jinjiang and Puxi Wanda businesses feel "share refrigerator" is very meaningful, they are going in their store also set a such a refrigerator. According to a source, Jinjiang’s share refrigerator has been basically ready, 20 days will be launched, the Puxi will come next month near;相关的主题文章: