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The youth of the world university rankings released in Asia accounted for the top six according to the British "Guardian" reported on September 21st, in the latest 50 Under 50 ranking (the world’s 50 best short time to build up to 50 years of university rankings, Australia) and Asia science and Technology College of science and technology occupy a number. Singapore Nanyang for three consecutive years ranked top five, next is Hongkong and South Korea University, which means that the top six Asian universities exclusive. Half of the top ten science and technology institutions, including the Sydney Polytechnic University, the school ranked 8 this year, for the first time into the world’s top 200. University of Maastricht in Holland ranked seventh, ranking first in European universities. 50 institutions, Australia accounted for up to 10, followed by Spain’s 5, followed by Malaysia and Hongkong, the 4. Only two universities in the United Kingdom, the University of Dundee and the forty-seventh Sterling College. Each university’s ranking criteria are based on the QS world university ranking index: academic reputation, employer reputation, teacher-student ratio, academic references and international faculty. 50 Under 50 of the top ten universities (last year, world university rankings, countries and regions, the establishment of Nanyang Technology University (1 year) 1, 13, Singapore, 1991) 2 Hong Kong University Science & Technology (2, 36, Hongkong, 1991) 3 Korea Institute of science and Technology (3, 46, South Korea, 1971 (4, 4) of City University Hong Kong 55, Hongkong, 1984) (5, 83, 5 Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea, 1986 (6111) 6 Hong Kong Polytech University, Hongkong, 1994 (8173) 7 University of Maastricht, Holland, 1976 (14193) 8 University of Technology Sydney, Australia, University of Autonoma Barcelona (1988) 9 10203, Spain, 1968 (13209) 10 Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium, 1971 (Internship) compiler: Chen Quan reviewer: Wu Ting) (Higher Education)相关的主题文章: