Rare shangpozi of semi cylindrical ceramic products for nearly a hundred years of history cosmax

Rare shangpozi of semi cylindrical ceramic products for nearly a hundred years of history the original title: the ceramic pattern is different from the lotus leaf shangpozi Shou Lu, warm hands and other objects, shangpozi is a hot-water heating appliance. Tang Pozi, also known as the "tin lady" "Ao Decoction" and "foot woman", with copper, tin and other materials are usually pumpkin shape, small mouth, lid operculated, prevent leakage. This warm winter old objects, the Song Dynasty already appeared, influenced by the ancient literati ‘s favorite. Huang Tingjian has written a poem play chant said: "Xiao Ji warm foot lying, or heart foot soldiers; daughter buy a woman, every night sleeping." Fan Chengda in the Southern Song Dynasty also had a "play with" foot woman poem: "the day full window according to the heap, such as the warm night window still simmer three feet; Jun Hugh sweaty feet laugh, have set foot cream to leak to boot." The soup was not easy to damage, but also as a marriage Gifts Articles, some shangpozi also came several generations. Until the Republic of China, shangpozi is still heating artifact common people "". The Republic of China Ceramic shangpozi I, is the grandmother brought dowry goods, has a history of nearly one hundred years. It is different from the usual pumpkin shape, the whole 1.5 cylinder, 28 cm long, 15 cm wide, 12 cm high, is smooth, there is a small end of the handle by hand, convenient handling. The top has a showy orange cap, is designed as a special disc shape. Open the lid, you can inject hot water. There is a large upper shangpozi lotus ornamentation, lotus leaf below the swimming Koi, because of the long-term use of reason, the surface of the glaze has rubbed off, exposed white clay color, look more simple. (Zhou Xiaoli) source: Xi’an Evening News相关的主题文章: