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Extended reading | Nobel prize award certificate, beauty cry! Sohu – education Nobel prize in 2016 in Stockholm on October 5th to 12 have been released, then the December 10th Nobel Lovell dinner will be the king of Sweden personally awarded the medal, award certificate and prize certificate. With a professor at the University of Nottingham won the Nobel Prize of festivity, today with buddies at the Nobel prize award certificate, and you look at the drawer that what is the difference between a stack of certificates. "This is the 2011 Nobel prize winner Tomas Tranströ mer award certificate. "This is one of the three winners of the prize in chemistry in 2015 share certificates, winning is the study of DNA repair tool. The Nobel prize is a good one. Each year, the awarding body personally decided to invite artists to discuss how to give the winner a personality, and a beautiful certificate. The results of the study will be presented in an artistic and metaphorical manner. For the winners themselves, in fact, quite pleasantly surprised! Early: classic simplicity of beauty, which is the 1962 Francis prize in physiology and medicine held by ·, Crick. Crick is one of the two people who discovered the structure of DNA, DNA is the spiral of life, the painting of the person, also holding a bright spiral like things, but the structure does not seem right? This certificate, together with the current medal, was auctioned off to support scientific research on the Francis Cricks Institute. This is the 1918 Nobel prize in Chemistry Prize winner Fritz · (Fritz Haber); Harper (written in 1919 when he actually got the prize), his Haber Bosch process (Haber-Bosch process) for ammonia formula written above, we come to the review of chemistry in senior high school…… It’s a piece of shit on top of floating, ammonia is, lush plants also showed his invention should be some contribution to human. The discoverer of penicillin · Alexander; Fleming, Chai Enhe would sign the certificate, life-saving medicine in the upper right corner, while the doctor, while the soldiers of the Second World War, so many people get away from penicillin infection. Early there is no special significance of the certificate, are generally the theme of the year, such as birds, flowers and so on, as well as building. Curie’s second prize and the 1911 chemistry prize. Even the fine decoration, there are books, balance and so on related symbols. Paul · (Ehrlich) certificate of award for the discovery of autoimmunity and phagocytosis; (Paul). Very beautiful, vibrant natural environment. Einstein, also a simple wind, decorated with the medal pattern he himself received. Today: more meta o相关的主题文章: