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"Remember" list of actors choose day exposure   Eddie Cheung Gao Shengyuan, (Figure) – Anhui Channel – by Bell Shu Jia served as general director, Yang Xiaopei served as executive producer of the 2017’s most anticipated costume giant system "choose day mind", today again exposed the super cast, joining Eddie Cheung Jianing Xue, Zhang Jun Ning, Gao Shengyuan,, Gao Hanyu, Lin, Wang Ce, Gong Beibi and other actors Siyi strength. The list of performers announced high value niche fresh flowers Yan together following the previous exposure, nuozha, Luhan Wu Qian, Xu Lingyue, Chen Shu, Zeng Shunxi, Eric Tsang, starring Yao Di, "" crew selection day in mind continue to force, announced the other important role actors in the play list. The heroine Xu Yourong’s childhood sweetheart "Jun Akiyama brother" played by a young actor Zhang Jun Ning; in the college, and his highness blood demon clan young apprentice "Xuanyuan broken" by the male idol group HIT-5 member Gao Hanyu was imprisoned, after playing; St. Chen Changsheng very trusted Xuan Frost Wyrm "little black dragon" by the woman idol group SNH48 members of the Lin Siyi star. Several important young actor is of high value for fresh flowers Yan, in the shape of infinitely close to the character set. Coupled with the ability to play "in" extraordinary ability to choose day record each master, this let floret teachers feel very excited, so they in the shooting scene also very carefully. Every actor who plays a part of the play is fully prepared before the shoot, just to show the best. "Believe" choose day mind young actors will break the "Curse of meat", showing a high color value blood youth feast. The strength of a large coffee to escort the old and new actors in addition to the wind play unlimited potential of the young actors, play more than the old play bone blessing. In order to build the reputation of super series, the crew took pains to invite actor Eddie Cheung to join, play the part of Chen Changsheng "Uncle Pope"; the first female officer rain mother by national awareness high Jianing Xue; four beastkin God first, in the College House "sound law" by Gao Shengyuan in the Hollywood film; the Lich King and queen respectively by the outstanding performance in the "let’s get married Wang CE" and the "waiting alone" in the stunning acting Gong Beibi strength of two actors. Created many classic costume image of Eddie Cheung in "records" choose day dressed in a robe appeared between the forehead activity, filling the Pope majesty; in recent years, rarely appear on the screen of Jianing Xue, once again starred in the TV series that challenge the composed and dignified female officer role, aspect full; in many Hollywood movies and TV series Gao Shengyuan reputation it is the first time in the mainland fantasy drama, "" in the choose day mind avatar in the hidden world of God, low-key yet sharp eyes, remarkable. Can be invited to play Eddie Cheung, Jianing Xue, cross knife Gao Shengyuan, the crew is really hard. The acquisition of fresh blood, the cohesion of the performing arts industry masters; close to the character set, but also to meet the needs of the audience of all ages, "the day to remember," the crew of the high quality requirements of the work can be seen from the election angle. It is reported that the actors in the drama off screen relationship is very harmonious, new and old actor will often exchange in play at the same time, discuss and learn the acting and performing style. The crew moved to Dunhuang together) environmental conscience相关的主题文章: