Remote identity cards in the scope of Zheng extended to the country 40 days to get a new card punyu

Remote ID in Zhengzhou handle to expand the scope of national 40 days to get a new card reporter Zheng reported financial media reporters yesterday from the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau was informed that, in order to further promote the convenience and benefit measures, November 1st, in Zhengzhou, employment, schooling, the ID card is lost, Zhengzhou resident identity cards in different places to expand the scope of acceptance the country. The financial media reporter Zhang Yudong Zheng reported missing fill permits, damaged replacement can be handled in Zhengzhou where the city and county (city) employment, education, living in other provinces and cities residents, the replacement of the ID card is lost or damaged, due to expire, because of the need to renew their identity card, to the city (county) housing certificate or temporary registration certificate, student ID card, to the nearest Zhengzhou city resident identity card remote receiving point for remote handling. In different places for the range from Tianjin, Jiangsu, the original Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Chongqing, Sichuan, extended to the country in all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions (identity cards Bilingual edition area temporarily inadmissible). 40 days to get a new national uniform standard card is reported, since the citizens submitted a resident identity card off-site registration form, the date of the date of 40 days, you can receive a resident identity card. According to the relevant provisions of the state, the resident identity card charges unified standards, that citizens in different places to apply for renewal of the certificate expires to charge 20 yuan fee, the replacement of lost, damaged the charge certificate renewal fee for 40 yuan. The 4 case does not accept the need to pay attention to is that there are the following 4 cases, the public security organs do not accept off-site handling: the identity of the applicant submitted to the 1 and the information system in the population registration inconsistent. 2 for the ministerial level, provincial population information system does not apply for photos, or facial features have changed significantly, and the identity card is not registered fingerprint information is difficult to confirm the identity of. 3 of forged or altered, trading, fraud, fraudulent claim, residence booklet, identity card, passport, driver’s license and sale, the use of forged residence booklet, identity card, passport, driver’s license and other certificates of a state organ personnel. 4 to the national credit information sharing platform for the exchange of bad credit records. Apply for a new card, the old card failure in addition, according to the Ministry of public security requirements, where the future loss of identity cards, expired or damaged already apply for a new certificate, or other reasons already apply for a new certificate, the original identity card as invalid documents, through the Ministry of public security information system to the relevant departments. Citizen identity card is lost or stolen, which I am holding the household register to the permanent residence or the nearest residence room for reporting the loss.相关的主题文章: