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UnCategorized Peter Gabriel is one of the most unsung singers and songwriters in the pop and rock music world. The British art rock artist is best known for his songs In Your Eyes, Sledgehammer, Steam, and several others, and is also very well known for being the original lead singer of the band Genesis before drummer Phil Collins took over. Gabriel has had an illustrious career spanning forty years, but now he is ready to give some other singers the recognition they deserve. Peter Gabriel’s new album is a cover album called Scratch My Back. The concept is simple: take a song by a fellow popular artist and cover it, and then that artist will cover a song of Gabriel’s. However, unlike most cover albums where an artist will simply do a .plete translation of the music and lyrics, Scratch My Back takes an unconventional approach by having the covers be backed up by a full orchestra, and using only two rules: No guitars, and no drums. This should not be anything new to Gabriel fans, as his third album featured no cymbals, due to Gabriel instructing Phil Collins (who did the drumming on the album) that he wanted no cymbals to give the soundtrack a primal feel. Scratch My Back uses the orchestra to introduce a tranquility. Gabriel is covering artists who not only are prominent, but he is also covering some artists who have yet to achieve major mainstream prominence. Among the artists being covered are Bon Iver, Regina Spektor, Paul Simon, the Arcade Fire, and several others. Gabriel’s vocals on the album are aged, but just like a fine wine it has gotten better with age. There is a softness in his voice that was not present in his earlier albums. He is not as In Your Face as he once was, and that has brought a lyrical wisdom to his work outside of the covers. Gabriel was swift to announce a limited tour for the album called New Blood, where he is reworking some of his songs to the Scratch My Back orchestrated formula. All in all, Scratch My Back features some wonderful tracks. However, fans will have to purchase the digital album if they wish to receive the cover of the song Heroes by David Bowie, as it is easily one of the best songs featured, but was quickly released to benefit the people of Haiti. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: