Ruby Lin, Hsu Chi, the three goddess of the United States and the United States to meet happy drink viper12a

Ruby Lin, Hsu Chi, Vivian Hsu three goddess body Beijing – Happy date drink in new network on 21 September, according to Taiwan "Chinese times news, former prime 3S lady mission Ruby Lin, such as actress Hsu Chi have married, now one remaining Lin Chiling married, but last night Hsu Chi is drying out of Ruby Lin, and sister of Vivian Hsu et al sister party photos, all the more happy to raise a glass to celebrate. Hsu Chi and Ruby Lin have 20 years of friendship, before taking the time to meet with the Japanese, called showbiz sister on behalf of, two people this year have announced the flash marriage, have married life "renge of Wallace Huo and Stephen Fung. Two people yesterday with Vivian Hsu and a friend for dinner, because they are bestie party, so three people temporarily left behind her husband, and enjoy the hard won more time together, they raise a glass Kuanghe "respect a woman", but Ruby Lin due to maternal identity, only a small action just a token. While fans see the three photo frame with rare happy wife, not only fit the picture more beautiful goddess shouted, "Congratulations you have to offer blessings to find the other half for each other".相关的主题文章: