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Transformation of rural areas, how to achieve a home – Henan Channel – people do not worry, do not worry, education, health care, government, security difficulties is the security room." Poverty alleviation, a major difficulty is the housing: some remote mountainous living environment is bad, but a small number of people do not want to move; no money also want to build a house, would rather owe a debt. Rural transformation, is to respect the wishes of the masses, or to consider the long-term? Reporters recently in Yunnan City, Huize province to do a survey of the relevant. To move or not to move? Led by the government to guide the masses to move to more than a dozen households, a mountain, poor living environment, one side of the soil and water can not support a person, many farmers in Yunnan poverty and living environment directly related. Nevertheless, there are still a small number of people reluctant to relocate. "I also know that the following traffic is convenient, the children go to school, the elderly to see a good condition, but I was born in this, my land in this, I do not move!" Huize County Deputy Secretary of the sea town of Xiao Shuyao told reporters, some villages are too remote, the whole village road money can move down in traffic convenient places. Water circuits and other public facilities construction costs, poor people in remote mountainous areas, if still scattered living, children go to school, the masses of medical treatment is difficult to solve the problem. Government led, as far as possible to guide the masses moved to livable." The practice of Huize County, will be affected by natural disasters such as landslides and mudslides threats, traffic conditions are poor, some farmers living in scattered, poor conditions, infrastructure investment is higher, be incorporated into the scope of the relocation, the mobilization of poor households moved to livable places. Relocation relocation subsidies to stay in place on the old houses to strengthen, to ensure housing security." In Northwest Yunnan province Hengduan Mountains, the local policy to guide the masses to move to a livable. Repair old or build new? Can not be removed, to avoid blind comparison of the big house, marry a bride." Who Wayao Village Sea town villagers Wang Chunli told reporters that in rural areas, marking the day passed good housing. Protection of housing security, both maintenance and reinforcement, but also demolition of old buildings. Maintenance and reinforcement to save money, not all poor households are willing to strengthen the housing. "Although it is safe after reinforcement, it is an old house." Reporter survey found that in rural areas, especially in poor mountainous areas there is the phenomenon of building comparisons, and even a three farmers to build a layer of three. "The more the better the policy, the more subsidies, and so on." In recent years, government subsidies for rural housing has always been in growth, but also to the presence of a small number of farmers wait and see psychology. Blind comparison, will cause waste of resources. Government subsidies are mainly to ensure housing security, housing is not the bigger the better, to meet the needs of life on the line. Huize County Deputy Secretary Liu Zuming said: "housing subsidies only protect the basic housing security, the security of the repair, do not dismantle the new economy; better conditions, their government compensation points to build a new house, the improvement of housing conditions. In short, the house to do what, to apply to safe and not increase the economic burden as well." Or return to town? The policy is accurate, and guide the masses to live together the reporter learned that some people moved out, even)相关的主题文章: