Russia’s official spokesman denounced the United States issued a threat to

Russia’s official Xinhua news agency spokesman denounced the U.S. threat to Russia in Moscow on 29 September, (reporter Luan Hai) Russian Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of defence on 29 of the U.S. State Department spokesman on the "Russia may be Syria extremists attack" speech to to think this is the threat to Russia that terrorists. According to Russian media reports, the U.S. State Department spokesman John · 29, Kirby said to the media, if the Syria civil war continues, Syria extremist organizations will expand action, may attack the Russian city, aircraft and other related interests of the Russian Embassy in Syria, Russia will put the remains of soldiers home. In this regard, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov said that Russia heard threats and "ultimatum" from Kirby said, this shows that the United States is not ready to perform after the Russian us Syria settlement agreement, the United States is by Kirby words to the terrorists sent invitation". Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Kona Schenker J also said the same day, the U.S. State Department spokesman’s speech must be deleted to Russian soldiers and citizens threatened to imply. Security of Russian citizens is the Russian official priority. 10 this month, Russia and the United States on the parties to the conflict in Syria implementation of the new ceasefire agreement, the agreement came into effect on 12. 19, Syria’s military announced a 7 day ceasefire ended, Russia did not extend the cease-fire agreement.相关的主题文章: