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Sales of 5 cars over 10000, Geely Automobile sales in October – before the car performance against Sohu, Geely Automobile sales data released the announcement, in October this year, Geely sales approaching 100 thousand, up to 96158 units, a record high, its imperial, bullyear, vision and SUV, imperial GS car sales were broken million. The day before, Geely Automobile sales data (HK.00175) released the announcement, recent data show that: in October this year, Geely sold close to 100 thousand vehicles, up to 96158 units, the total monthly sales hit a record high, an increase of 94%, growth of 26%. 1-10 month, Geely Automobile sales of 555199, representing an increase of 37%, and completed the latest year sales target of 700 thousand vehicles in 79%, from the current trend, two months to reach 150 thousand of sales is not difficult for today’s Geely, 700 thousand of the annual sales target is not much pressure. Specific data models: cars, imperial Series sales in October sales again strong performance, reached 25015 units, representing an increase of about 25%; car sales continued large holdings of long-term broken million, to 15721 vehicles, an increase of 14%; B car brilliant stable sales amounted to 4939, approaching the 5 thousand mark, the new Imperial guards after the listing of GL, sales of 7050 vehicles in October, 10000 soon. SUV: October contribution of 37674 units, accounting for Geely’s total sales of 39%. The Bo more sales of 16779 vehicles, with the Baoji production base production, future sales will continue to improve; the new vision of SUV sales in October reached 10867 units (SUV & GS); cross-border sales for the first time broken million, to 10028 vehicles. The specific vehicle sales data analysis as follows: car: the imperial continuous broken twenty thousand, broken million high growth prospects, the imperial GL 10000 soon imperial series: Sales of 25015 vehicles in October; the annual sales of 182810 vehicles is still the China fully deserve imperial brand car sales champion, the new imperial sales this month to break 20 thousand mark, reached 25015 units an increase of 25%. Need of special note here is that this data is the sales data does not contain the new imperial GL. According to the data segment of the market trend last month, this month the Imperial is likely to enter the car market before ten. It is worth mentioning that this year the imperial has sold more than 180 thousand vehicles, imperceptibly, imperial since listing sales have broken million, and in October listed the million Commemorative Edition models. Geely vision: Sales of 15721 vehicles in October; the annual sales of 111255 vehicles car vision grew 14%, an increase of 41%, sales continued to break the million, October sales reached 15721 vehicles, and to defend the imperial China brand car honor. As a few million sales Chinese brand cars, new vision through product upgrades and cost-effective to accurately grasp the 60 thousand yuan level of A-class car market, with the New Year approaching, car sales is expected to further enhance the vision. Geely B-ray: sales in October 4,.相关的主题文章: