SDIC electric power occupation manager posts do well to dismiss them at any time to leave

SDIC electric power occupation manager posts: do well the first occupation managers dismissed at any time left in the reform of investment across the Board Appointment reporter Jianghong Beijing high speed reading reports officially took office just two days of the SDIC electric power general manager Zhu Jiwei revealed that he had been transferred out of the personnel files of the national investment company, linked to the external talent center, hired executives like him the same, if the performance is not good, always be dismissed become market participants, no central enterprises a secure job. "The pressure is great." Zhu Jiwei admits, but he believes that the future of all central enterprises will go to the market, even in the face of such changes in advance, his heart also frankly accept. August 17, 2016, SDIC power (600886.SH) held a professional manager employment contract signing ceremony. This is a new member of board of investment managers decision-making power company will hire. Deputy director of the State Development Investment Corp in August 24th reform office Shang Ming accept the twenty-first Century economic report exclusive interview explained that hiring managers only occupation group headquarters to SDIC electric power board down more than 70 authorized one of the items, in addition to the right personnel, salary distribution rights and decision-making rights and other key powers, investment group also authorized to two companies. Officially took office just two days of SDIC electric power general manager Zhu Jiwei told the twenty-first Century economic report, his personnel relations have been from the national investment company transferred to hang outside the talent market, job tenure three years period, if the stem is not good, never dismiss them at any time to leave, "a secure job". "The pressure is great," Zhu Jiwei believes that the central enterprises will eventually come to this step, even in the face of such changes, he was calm. The concern is that hiring managers are not isolated cases of occupation SDIC electric power, the investment group will soon spread in all subsidiaries in reform. In addition, the headquarters of the functional remodeling optimization program has been discussed by the Party group in August 22nd, in August 23rd conducted a lecture." Shang Ming said that the reform will be completed in September 1st. Professional managers fell before the central iron rice bowl in August 17th, Zhu Jiwei is not too dare to imagine that they can apply for the general manager of the national power investment. The total assets amounted to 183 billion 545 million yuan in investment power, is a State Development Investment Corp holding two companies, the company’s 2015 annual operating income 31 billion 280 million yuan, total profit of 10 billion 981 million yuan, is currently the most core business sector investment. 46 year old Zhu Jiwei since graduation in the power system for many years, a steady step by step from the grassroots do the general manager of Xiamen Huaxia International Power Company, the company is also a subsidiary of SDIC electric power, can be said that Zhu is from the business and hiring professionals. Reporters learned that, in addition to Zhu Jiwei, the same period was hired five other countries voted in the production of electricity, deputy general manager are also members of the company responsible for the production. Different from the previous group selection, selection of the management of SDIC electric power is by the State Board of Directors voted independently, employment and occupation managers. The reason why such an operation, the country voted that the personnel system a small step, a big step in the reform of state-owned enterprises". As the restructuring of state-owned capital相关的主题文章: