Shaanxi panda protection area reached 16 of the world’s population density of the first

Shaanxi panda reserve up to 16 population density ranks first in the world in September 22nd is the "international panda Festival", the latest survey data show that the number of active in the southern Qinling Mountains section of the wild pandas only about 345 (excluding juveniles under the age of 1), population density reached 0.096 square kilometers, ranking in the world the first giant panda habitat area; currently reached more than 360 thousand hectares, of which 75.66% of the area of good quality, appropriate or suitable for giant pandas to survive. Qinling Mountains panda called "treasures of beauty" archaeological discoveries, the ancestor of "8 million years ago, the giant panda panda" has appeared, at the time of the "Panda" was small, only half the adult giant pandas left, is a "quasi bears" evolved, with meat as the first panda, individuals like a more obese fox. 4 million years ago, known as the "Panda" fossils found in Yunnan, Yuanmou. As early as in the spring and Autumn period, Qinling Mountains is the giant panda, said Sima Xiangru of the Han Dynasty’s "Shanglin Fu" in the "tapir" refers to the giant panda. In the late Qing Dynasty, Qinling Mountains area of the giant panda distribution area is greatly reduced, and now only 23 towns in Foping and other 8 counties in the deep mountains and forests to find their figure. Is that for decades, the Qinling Mountains panda gradually uncover the mystery of the giant panda in Sichuan is different from the ordinary visible, Qinling Mountains panda is almost nowhere, as the "Qinling Mountains subspecies of wild pandas in Qinling Mountains Sibao", body fat may bear, plump, plump the short end of the first round, the individual is too large, rough hair, abdominal Maolve brown color. In 2005, the Qinling Mountains giant panda subspecies was recognized by the world, is currently the largest number of families in the largest number of pandas, the latest discovery of subspecies. Some plants in different regions of the population, due to the influence of the living environment in the region, they occur some changes in the morphology or physiology, this species is called a subspecies of certain plants. Qinling Mountains giant panda subspecies and Sichuan giant pandas in the form of a significant difference has been formed, the Sichuan giant panda spot is black, abdominal hair is white. Because of the giant panda in Qinling Mountains than the Sichuan panda 1/5 short nose, looked more round face and more beautiful, more naive, so a lot of people will be the giant panda in Qinling Mountains known as "national treasures of beauty". Investigation shows that the population density ranks first in the provincial forestry department related to animal health experts said, from 2011 to 2014, which lasted 3 years, Shaanxi conducted fourth comprehensive survey on the number of pandas, pandas, wild populations of giant panda habitat and giant panda distribution area surrounding the social economic situation, the giant panda and its habitat protection and management status and the giant panda, carried out at the end of the investigation, the scope of the investigation to Yangxian County, Zhou Zhi, Fuping, Ningshan, Taibai, Liuba, Chenggu, Ningqiang, Huxian, Fengxian County, town and other 11 counties. The survey results show that: the survival of giant panda in Qinling Mountains Shaanxi area, there are only about 345 (excluding juveniles under the age of 1), an increase of 20% over the 10 years ago; the giant panda habitat area 10 years ago by 347 thousand hectares to 360 thousand hectares; compared to population and the 2003 third survey, obvious Zenglin相关的主题文章: