Shanghai invested more than 5 passengers to ensure the safety of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday

Shanghai invested more than 5 people police to ensure safe through the Mid Autumn Festival holiday newspaper news (reporter Jane Bo) reporter yesterday from the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau, Shanghai police started the social aspects of prevention and control, traffic management, access to the city border crossing check and control two service levels, investment force of more than 50 thousand people, to strengthen social control and duty guard and during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the city is not the major criminal cases of public security and fire, traffic accident. During the festival, Shanghai public security adhere to the dominant use of the police "- improve the street see alarm rate, the Mid Autumn Festival on the same day, the Shanghai public security organs launched two service levels, the city’s more than 1.6 police officers in command of road traffic, street patrol, strengthen social control and comprehensive traffic management. During the festival, the Shanghai public security violations of road traffic intensive campaigns, traffic police departments at all levels to increase 50% police deployment, thorough investigation of illegal traffic. For the heavy rainfall caused moranti typhoon in Shanghai, the city’s public security police in the rain on duty, the implementation of measures against trafficcongestion. At the same time, strengthen the entry border crossing traffic management, to ensure that from Shanghai, Fanhu peak hour traffic smooth, not the emergence of a large number of the backlog of vehicles queuing situation. Hot news: Pudong three: reconstruction of the village will be built a 3.5 Century Park ecological green typhoon malakas super typhoon level up to the strongest intensity path with uncertainty on the Hong Kong coach is almost a foregone conclusion has been in contact with Scolari Shanghai burlesque embarrassment: cast market reaction microwave LAN GeTian micro-blog choking back users suspected insinuation Liu Xiang Wu Sha derailed weather forecast: Shanghai showers today with windy rainy weather Tuesday to rest相关的主题文章: