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Shenzhen man was calling you thousands of times have not stopped harassment or prosecute operators in Nandu recently, Nandu has reported that a Shenzhen man suddenly call you harassing phone calls, mobile phone on daily thousands of times; until yesterday before the press, the problem is still not solved. The victim said that if the next few days, telephone harassment is still unresolved, will be ready to prosecute operators; operators cannot explain, from a technical point of view control, advises clients to install a professional call blocking software. Public: even call 10 days at Shenzhen since September 8th, Mr. Chen received tens of thousands of times did not show the source of harassing phone calls, life and work has been a great influence. Chen had to reflect the operator’s customer service, but also to the police station, but because the source is difficult to trace, interception software does not play a role, and other reasons, the current situation of their daily interruption is still ongoing. "Harassment – money" common and social mode, Mr. Chen has not received the request to add WeChat, red envelopes for a class of information. Mr. Chen said, 17, customer service has once again call, said the solution takes time; if the problem is not resolved on the 21 day, will prosecute operators. Operator: "call you die" is difficult to cure ills it is understood that the "call you die" aka Internet phone call automatic recovery system, its principle is as a call platform using the telephone network, the software can be preset call frequency, call call any one, any area of the fixed telephone and mobile phone number. Operators said that the caller can not see each other’s phone number, is due to the rules of the network telephone signaling does not comply with international communication signaling specification, which is the common problem faced by communications operators. Under the existing technical background, operators can not unilaterally call you control is effective measures only advise customers to install a professional call blocking software, such as Q, Q and other antivirus pioneer housekeeper. Who is calling you to death? 1 possibility: the call of blackmail and impose exactions on, stand it, money. Doubt: the victim has not received the cable property information. 2 possibilities: forced debt, so that the debtor may not peace. There is no doubt that the victim of debt disputes. 3 possibility: malicious harassment, "bombing" Revenge of the victim. The victim said: no doubt with others. What is the end of the phone in the operation, who can not answer. Although the lawyer pointed out that "call you die" is illegal, but the telephone network how to trace the origin of these type of telephone harassment network practical joke can generally arrest criminals such as Xu Yuyu case, successfully cracked, still unsolved problem. The "People’s Republic of China Telecom regulations" provisions of article fifty-eighth, no organization and individual harm telecommunications network security and information security, but the relevant regulations of "calling you" software definition is not clear. Ask you really can’t call death? Deal with the death of you type harassment software, operators really helpless? To prevent similar to call you dead, the software has long been the first document. In June last year, the Ministry issued a notice on the specialized相关的主题文章: