Sina poly game network red festival awards ceremony top configuration venue exposure-lightscape

Sina poly Yao game network red festival awards ceremony venue hosted by Sina’s top configuration exposure micro-blog, Sina games, poly star Yao, jointly organized IMS new media business group, the new Tianjin eco city, NewGamepad sponsored the "2016 Chinese first Sina poly Yao game network red day online game network link ended, red TOP100 five awards — live star, male god, goddess, God and live Star Group has been announced. September 1st Tianjin eco city, the World Trade Center held a ceremony on the award ceremony will be attended by the red network. At that time, dozens of industry heavyweights, 100 net red, hundreds of guests, hundreds of media friends will gather in Tianjin to witness this year’s grand Red Net awards ceremony. Red Net Games Festival Awards site exposure ecological park luxury configuration lead the first amazing game network red festival awards ceremony is scheduled for September 1st in the new Tianjin eco city Hilton Hotel, choose the place for presentation is not without reason, as the joint organizers of the games section of the Red China Tianjin eco city, is one of the most important film industry base China, the overall national animation Park covers an area of 1 square kilometers, planning and construction area of 770 thousand square meters. The spatial layout takes into account the characteristics of the animation industry and practitioners, the overall functional zoning, including the portal area animation building, R & D and incubation area, intelligent derivatives, etc.. The establishment of large-scale animation interactive experience center, Animation Museum and product display center and other industrial infrastructure. Office area to the leading enterprises in the park animation. Joustar incubator located in the core area of the national animation Park awards site Shimao Hilton Hotel is located in the new Tianjin eco city, is a modern and fashionable The Globe Hotel industry model look far ahead from a high plane. Such a big hardware configuration also reflected the attention and determination. Tianjin eco city, World Trade Center, Hilton Hotel, world trade hall, hotel courtyard, Tianjin ecological city, animation Park, strive to build public service platform, personnel training platform and other nine functional platform. The formation of a complete industrial chain, gathering more high-quality animation industry resources. The National Film Industry Park eco city review rooms by Davinci (Da Vinci) finally adjusted 4K double stereo system can realize the real-time color film and film footage of the final review of all the overall color. Eco City National Film garden studio studio shot from the weather, seasons, day and night constraints and other objective factors, and can be adjusted to achieve the best effect of lighting lights. National Film and television studio vocal music recording studio, the studio can carry on the preliminary effect and post production. Therefore, the national animation Park eco city as a set of venues, facilities, improvement of the combination of resources as a whole, is an excellent animation logistics base, policy advantages, cost advantages, complementary factors make it become the new district has become especially preferred headquarters of large Internet Co set up in Beijing second center, sub center. If this time by micro-blog, Sina, star Yao poly Tianjin eco city jointly set up the "Red Star Network incubator" plan to succeed, even for the future network game red ecosystem development.相关的主题文章: