Smart chameleon –

"Smart chameleon" – Sohu mother every morning, chameleons will lie on the high fig branch catch flies. Every morning, the leopard will climb the tree to jump from branch to branch, and then hit the chameleon beside – bang! A chameleon is playing high in the air, turned a somersault, finally fell to the ground — pa! One day, the chameleon shouted angrily: "if you strike me, I’ll take you on a rope, like a dog bolt!" "Ha ha ha!" The leopard jumped away laughing. Every night, chameleons will go to the river water, and other small animal. Every night, the crocodile will quietly swim to the shore, brush pull heads, with sharp teeth, frighten small animal desperately fled, but he laughed. One day, the chameleon shouted angrily: "if you bothered me, I took the rope to you like the dog leash, bolt!" "Ha ha ha!" The crocodile suddenly laughed, close the mouth — click! Then, the chameleon found weaverbird, ask them to use strong long cane a long rope. When the rope was finished, the chameleon disguised himself as a stone. When the leopard again jumped on the branches, the chameleon suddenly thrown up the rope, set in the leopard’s neck, and shouted: "you have been caught up, wait and see! For a moment I’ll pull you away!" The leopard did not try to escape, but laugh, because he knows little chameleon pull him at all. The chameleon took the other end of the rope and came to the river, disguised himself as a branch. When the crocodile climb over the chameleon suddenly thrown up the rope, set in the crocodile’s neck, shouted: "I have put you on a leash, wait and see! For a moment I’ll pull you away!" "Well, I’m waiting." The crocodile laughed. Then the chameleon came to the middle of the rope. In this way, he can see to the right to the left to see a crocodile. In order not to be found the crocodile and the leopard, the chameleon turned himself into the leaves of the same color, then he shouted: "I pulled!" The first taking a step, the crocodile was pulled back to the first ever, keeping a lot in the mud flat, short legs clutching wildly ground. The crocodile began to force the leopard was pulled to stumble, knocked the man eating ants nest. The leopard, leopard, crocodile, crocodile…… They took turns to force. The two big trees in lira to the way, until they were exhausted. "On…… I’m sorry, Mr. chameleon, I’ll never come back to disturb you, I promise!" They shouted, "let me go!" When they stop when wheezing breathing, chameleon jumped and cut the rope. From that相关的主题文章: