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Mobil-.puting The influencing realities of our social life and the growing importance and value of real time information demands improved channels of .munication. There is a tremendous upsurge in the need for staying connected and being vibrant on the available mediums of .munication. Moreover, the growing value and dependency of users on mobile apps has fueled these demands. To .prehensively fulfill these requirements, social networking apps have been developed to undermine limitations of .munication on the go. These applications have emerged as a perfect platform to express and at the same time impress. They not only keep the user updated about the current happenings, but also consider the value of providing real-time information for effective .munication on the go. There are certain .pelling features that make these apps a must have for mobile users. They not only simplify .munication, but also minimize the time for data exchange. These applications are a perfect blend of social networking and GPS (Global Positioning System) that positions them in the higher level of the .munication platform. They thrive on the conventional location based social networking app but incorporate few noticeable and unique features. Below mentioned are some of the unique features of these applications that augment the .munication experience, by formulating key areas of .munication like- Finding new people to chat Privacy settings that can be changed according to the user preference In addition to the above mentioned features, there are significant benefits of using these types of apps. The user .municating using these applications can easily move around in unknown places. Nearby locations, restaurants, cost-effective deals and other services can be identified that keeps the user within the budget. Moreover, the applications do not restrict social interaction at new places. The user can easily share, view, and upload photos, videos, audio notes, new clips and deals at the location. The user can also leave sticky notes for friends to check when they are at that location. The interface and the UX are uncluttered thus increasing the visibility and features of the applications. The functions are clearly depicted, which enhance the user experience and make the applications user friendly. They are a perfect alternative for the standalone social media or location based networking apps. Thus, people who embrace emerging technology trends and those who are tired of the conventional .municating methods, they can experience the change and power of the location based social .working apps. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: