Some Important Myths And Facts About Poison Ivy-aspack

Health Some plants produce different chemicals which can cause you to develop certain allergies. If you are going for a hiking or a trekking trip then it is highly essential for you to take good care of your skin. You must never touch plants which are wild. The oil is released by the Poison Ivy when someone touches it. There are many people who are allergic to urushiol that is why they experiences, rashes, redness and allergic when they .e into contact with these plants. Some will see that some people are highly allergic to poison Ivy chemical that is why it is advisable for them to stay away from this plant. If you are going on a camping, trekking or hiking trip then you can surely experience these rashes. In order to fully understand the poison Ivy you must know about its symptoms and cures. This article would surely provide you all the important information that you need. 1. Is Poison Ivy Contagious I would like to tell you that the chemical oil urushiol is contained in the branches, leaves, roots and the bark of the plant that is why as soon as you touch then you would be contaminated. In the winters also this plant can be harmful for you if you touch any of its parts. You must know that the poison ivy should never be burnt because the smoke emitted by the plant can really cause some serious reactions. 2. Poison Ivy The fluid that .es out of the rash blisters also does not cause the rashes to spread further. The rashes can only get worse if you .e in contact with clothes that were contaminated by them. You must always wash your clothes very carefully after you have .e into contact with this plant. 3. The time period for which poison Ivy is contagious It is a myth that poison Ivy is contagious but if you are suffering from the rashes then it would take at least two to three days to get cured. There are various special medicines available in the market that can help in curing the itch that is cause by the plant. If you want you can also use various home remedies for quick relief. If you really want to get rid of Poison Ivy rashes quickly then above stated are some important things that you need to remember. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: