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Some places in the illegal "decision"   key projects to evade the regulatory environment — Guangxi channel — original title: some places to engage in illegal "decision-making" key projects to evade the regulatory environment [thing] recently, some local governments have hung the title "key project" illegal cases of repeated exposure. The first is not built, did not experience the first vote, without changing the design scheme of the so-called "key project" free escape, environmental regulation phenomenon has intensified. Under the most stringent environmental law and the central environmental supervision, there are still some local governments engage in illegal decision, and the situation is not good, to improve the regional environmental quality. Or for the development and construction of local economic considerations, or for the performance needs of some parts of the municipal road network, large public facilities, resettlement point of construction project is known as the "key" or "people’s livelihood", then to "scheduling" "push" and other forms of "simplified" process, "teshiteban". Among them, some of which focus on the real project, but for some quick ideas. Some of the local environmental protection department knows it, but laissez faire, resulting in the so-called "key projects before construction is approved, the construction side edge batch, built without inspection and other illegal cases have occurred. Local governments responsible for the environmental quality of the area, regardless of what kind of construction projects should be taken to lead the law. If the legal system of environmental responsibility, sacrifice the credibility of bottom line cost is bound to the local ecological environmental protection work lay hidden, unfavorable to improve the regional environmental quality. Some places are environmental legal consciousness, environmental protection is the key of the party with responsibility for conducting pressure, lack of "inadequate accountability, there are still a few leaders to my site I call the shots" and "willful thought to check and rectification of" luck. The author believes that, for this to escape environmental regulation under the lights black construction projects must be dealt with severely, increase accountability efforts, the formation of environmental accountability and environmental violations against the double high pressure situation. To this end, the provincial inter provincial key construction projects can be organized to investigate each other, after the investigation of the problem, the provincial mutual investigation group combing summary reported to the relevant departments of the state according to law. On problems, seriously, the influence of "black light" project, in accordance with the law of environmental protection and ecological environmental damage "leading cadres accountability measures (Trial)" and other regulations, strict accountability of local leading cadres and the responsibility of the relevant departments; constitute criminal liability, firmly transferred to the judicial departments investigated, in order to fall to force the local key construction projects according to law, norms, strict management. At the same time, we should strengthen the Party leadership problems highlighted areas of environmental protection law and policy study, and by the regional environmental supervision centers inspectors, make up the less homework. Take this as a warning, the main party leaders of local recurrence of such problems should be seriously accountable, and implement more stringent regional restrictions, supervise the handling, the total pollutant control measures. According to the environmental protection law and other laws and regulations, construction projects must be open to the public, "key projects" is no exception. Removal of confidential information, including the basic situation of the project, pollutant emissions, environmental impact assessment, pollution control facilities and other information, must be truthful to the public, to accept public supervision. Therefore, the relevant departments should be相关的主题文章: