Song Dongye Department of marijuana or drug-related administrative

Song Dongye Department of marijuana or drug-related administrative detention, marijuana or song Dongye drug-related administrative detention yesterday afternoon, the famous singer Song Dongye is controlled by Beijing police for drug-related, film and television media "television standard" fashion first time exclusive coverage of this issue has aroused widespread concern. 1 am today, "film direction" learned exclusively from authoritative sources, after a urine test was positive for marijuana, Song Dongye, in accordance with the relevant provisions of security punishment in China, Song Dongye or administrative detention. As of press time reporter, the case is still working. In October 13th, the police received the report, the Berlin Philharmonic in Chaoyang District district people taking drugs, Beijing police joint Fengtai police rushed to the incident, Song Dongye suspected of taking drugs, after a urine test, Song Dongye showed positive for marijuana, then he was taken to the Fengtai District East police station for further investigation. In accordance with the provisions of the "People’s Republic of China Public Security Management Punishment Law" article seventy-second, one of the following acts, at least 10 to 15 days of administrative detention, may impose a fine of 2000 yuan; if the circumstances are relatively minor, less than 5 days of administrative detention or a fine of 500 Yuan: (a) the illegal possession of opium of less than 200 grams, or heroin less than 10 grams of methamphetamine or other small amounts of drugs; (two) the provision of drugs to others; (three) taking or injecting drugs; (four) the Song Dongye drug news stress, deceive the medical staff issued narcotics and psychotropic drugs was broke, the brokerage company denied the incident, Song Dongye just got married. Two months. It is worth mentioning that, in 2014 Song Dongye had an interview, when asked how to see the star drug said, "in fact not so serious, or can be corrected". (commissioning editor: Lolo)

宋冬野涉毒系吸食大麻 或被行政拘留 宋冬野涉毒系吸食大麻 或被行政拘留   昨天下午,著名歌手宋冬野因涉毒被北京警方控制,影视自媒体《影视风尚标》第一时间独家报道此事,引起广泛关注。今天凌晨1点,《影视风尚标》从权威渠道独家获悉,经过尿样检测,宋冬野呈大麻阳性,按照我国治安处罚相关规定,宋冬野或被行政拘留。截至记者发稿时,此案还在进一步工作中。   10月13日,警方接到群众举报称,在朝阳区柏林爱乐小区有人吸食毒品,北京警方随后联合丰台警方赶到事发地,将涉嫌吸食毒品的宋冬野控制,经过尿样检验,宋冬野呈现大麻阳性,随后,他被带到丰台区东铁匠营派出所接受进一步调查。   按照《中华人民共和国治安管理处罚法》第七十二条规定,有下列行为之一的,处10日以上15日以下行政拘留,可以并处2000元以下罚款;情节较轻的,处5日以下行政拘留或者500元以下罚款:   (一)非法持有鸦片不满200克、海洛因或者甲基苯丙胺不满10克或者其他少量毒品的;   (二)向他人提供毒品的;   (三)吸食、注射毒品的;   (四)胁迫、欺骗医务人员开具麻醉药品、精神药品的   在宋冬野吸毒的消息被爆出后,其经纪公司曾予以否认,事发时宋冬野刚刚结婚两月。值得一提的是,宋冬野曾在2014年一次接受采访时,被问及明星吸毒怎么看时表示,“其实没有那么严重吧,还是可以改正的”。   (责编:罗罗)相关的主题文章: