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Marketing Due to the prevalence of electronic products, the majority of people have a Tablet PC is a very .mon thing, they like the life that they can read online, browse digital magazines from their tablets, the life be.e more simple and convenient. So the digital magazine publisher need to know this in mind, the digital magazine publishing industry relies heavily on existing tablet devices. This fact means that the digital magazine publishers have to consider how content is displayed on your tablet better. Typically, there are two types of digital magazine content: interactive replicas of print version and interactive tablet edition. The interactive replica is formatted the same as its print counterpart, they have the same content and layout. While the tablet edition is designed different from print, it is specifically for tablets with all new content and layout, sometimes, the tablet edition may include multi-media elements such as videos, dynamic images, etc, with some e magazine software, publishers can also add links for users to click to exploit more details. Publisher not only need to understand these two product type, then design them properly and distribute them to tablets so theyre visible to the best possible audiences; but also the real value lies in understanding what consumers want from digital magazine products. Digital publishers can get more opportunity to present their digital content to the tablet users through interactive replicas. Of course, tablet users can also have the chance to own many digital magazines with them where ever they choose. The digital replicas can be created frequently as its productive process is so easy and fast. But there are certainly benefits to create tablet version digital magazines, the main advantages of tablet version that users can appreciate from interactive tablet editions are enhanced layouts. Interactive replicas give digital publishers the opportunity to present their digital content to tablet owners. This also gives the tablet users a chance to have as many digital magazines with them where ever they choose to go. Replica and replica plus digital magazines are the most frequently created because theyre the easiest to produce. However, there are certainly benefits to creating interact tablet products. The main .ponents that users can appreciate more from interactive tablet editions are enhanced layouts, bonus images, and video content. What make successful app for digital magazine publishing? The market is saturated. But that doesnt mean every digital publisher is successfully generating revenue or audience from their digital magazine app. There are some elements found within the most successful, revenue-generating digital magazine apps. McPheters and iMonitor have evaluated over 5,000 apps to determine the characteristics of popular apps. The apps with high iMonitor ratings receive more revenue, and they include this set of functionality: design, functionality, use of rich media, and advertising enhancements. The most successful apps provide three advantages: Allow users to explore more deeply into content that they want; Some successful apps can provide more localized and relevant content personally; Import some transactional capabilities such as shopping lists, sharing and social media to fulfill users desire for a product. Of course, there are also other factors to get success in digital magazine publishing. The product matters, but finding the right audience, marketing properly, interactivity and partnering opportunistically, consider more for your audiences. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: