Talking about stock based theory investment is a practice-sayu-02

On the basis of stock: investment is a practice, stock market is the amplifier of human nature and testing field, where the amplification is often the weakness of human nature, the more tested are the defects we are not willing to face. Just after the 2015 A stock market’s spectacular round of market, I believe that more and more investors will agree with this point of view. In the first half of 2015, the A stock market rose sharply, and we can simply boil down to the combination of the three driving forces: reform, innovation and leverage. In this process, many investors entrepreneurs, industry capital chasing the feast, but also the birth of too much overnight, the story of the Phoenix nirvana. The market alarming rise and more and more around the stories, making more and more people give up calm thinking independently, greed and inertia will easily leads to a linear extrapolation thinking, rational market phenomenon at present; there are more and more "new" to join the movement to create rich in the same. Greed and luck to pay high tuition fees. In the second half of 2015, the market began with a slump that never experienced. Deleveraging may be the catalyst for this outcome, but it simply cannot be simply attributed to the only factor leading to a huge market adjustment. The decline in the rebound game in fear, gamblers the bottom, despair, suspicion and hesitation, in the process of repairing the new theme and new logic appeared again after the excitement and rational operation and again lost, we are often difficult to overcome the weaknesses of human nature. It is hard to imagine what life would be like a professional investor occupation level two of the market, will face no objective test with room for a day, take your decision and joy, face their own personality weakness mercilessly exposed, vanity, and subjective willingness to face all in front of the market was stripped injured all over the body. In this field, we also want to remind yourself in danger, trying to avoid the path dependence and linear thinking; in adversity to deeply reflect on the views and decide their own, need great courage to insist or admit mistakes, also need great wisdom to judge when to hold and when to give up. Although many factors affect and affect the market, but the key factors determining the stock price for a period of time are often the one or two major contradictions, the main contradiction from many contradictions, after the change of contradictions can catch in time, this is a test for investors. Especially in the ever-changing A stock market, reflecting the main contradiction of the market may be expected to be short-term and long-term problems, may appear paranoid trend in the short term, so investors need to be more diligent and keen, and the market is expected to change the marginal conflict thought and concern, little inertia and luck of the heart may pay a heavy price. No wonder so many senior professional investors have concluded that investment is ultimately a mindset. The process of investment is more like a practice, through time, days and years of market baptism, gradually overcome the weakness of human nature and their own character flaws, self-cultivation first, then the investment income. (Chen Hao) Sina statement: this news is reprinted from Sina cooperation media, Sina published this article from the transmission theory

谈股论基:投资是一场修行   股票市场是人性的放大器和检验场,在这里被放大的往往是人性的弱点,被检验出来的更多是我们不愿意面对的缺陷。刚刚经历了A股市场2015年波澜壮阔的一轮行情之后,相信越来越多的投资者会赞同这样的观点。   2015年上半年A股市场的大幅上涨,我们可以简单归结为改革、创新与加杠杆这三大驱动因素的合力。在这个过程中无数投资人、企业主、产业资本等追逐着这一盛宴,也诞生了太多一夜暴富、凤凰涅磐的故事。市场惊人的上涨和身边越来越多的赚钱故事,使得越来越多的人放弃冷静独立的思考,贪婪与惰性会轻易地引人进入线性外推的思维,合理化眼前的市场现象;也有越来越多的“新人”加入到这场造富运动中来,同样的贪婪和侥幸心理导致了高昂学费的付出。   2015年下半段市场始于从未经历的暴跌,可能去杠杆是这一结果的催化剂,但是却难以简单地归结为是导致市场巨幅调整的唯一因素。下跌中的恐惧、反弹博弈中的赌徒心理、底部的彻底绝望、修复过程中的猜疑与犹豫、新主题与新逻辑出现后的再度亢奋和理性的再度丧失,周而复始的运行之中我们往往很难克服人性的弱点。   很难想象生活中还有什么职业会像二级市场的专业投资者这样,每天都要直面毫无人为周旋余地的客观检验,承担着自己决定的得失喜乐,直面自身性格弱点的无情暴露,虚荣、面子、主观意愿统统在市场面前被剥得体无完肤。   在这样的战场上,我们于顺境中也要时刻提醒自己危险的来临,竭力规避路径依赖和线性思维;在逆境中要深刻反省自己的观点与决定,需要极大的勇气坚持己见或者承认错误,也需要无比的智慧去判断何时坚持与何时放弃。   虽然众多的因素影响和作用于市场,但是决定一段时间内股价的关键因素往往是一两个主要矛盾,从众多矛盾中寻找的主要矛盾,在矛盾变化后能够及时捕捉,这都是对投资者的考验。尤其在瞬息变幻的A股市场,主要矛盾所反映的市场预期可能会将长期问题短期化,并可能在短期内出现偏执的走势,因此投资者需要更加勤勉和敏锐,要时刻思考与关注矛盾的边际变化和市场预期,稍有惰性和侥幸之心就可能付出惨重代价。   难怪有那么多资深的专业投资者都总结说,投资最后比的是心态。投资的过程更像是一场修行,通过分分秒秒、日日年年的市场洗礼,逐步克服人性的弱点与自身的性格缺陷,修身为先,而后投资有所得。 (陈皓) 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: